I need help

I need someone who can channel dantalion for me … I literally suck when it comes to divination… I am learning although…

I channelled him and got some answers but I am not sure if it was dantalion only or my mind was making own stories :expressionless:

Anyone willing to help me ? Please!

This way I can double check the responses I got and can get more explained answers with the help of an experienced channeler :slight_smile:

Thanx ^•^

Musta_Krackish channels demons for people. I saw that he has a thread offering his services somewhere in the forum. You should send him a PM.

Edit: Oops, the thread in question is in this section of the forum. I saw it once I finished posting. :smiley:


Yea Musta is my good friend but he hasn’t come online for 2 weeks or so…

But Arcane helped me…
Thanx Arcane :slight_smile:

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