I need help

Hi. I introduced myself just now and came here for help. I have been having problems with Spirits (or Demons) being in my life trying to destroy it. BUT I do not believe all of them are bad. At least I don’t think so. Some try to help me. I believe one or some of them are sexual Demons or Spirits. They have had sex with me, trying to convince me or force it. I have to admit that I listened to them some and let them do it. But I realize I was being stupid. They (some?) , want to destroy my life and people I care about. When they first appeared they (some?) had sex with me. It wasn’t really consensual. I don’t know why they showed up. I want them to go away. Do I have a right to get them to leave? How do I do that? I had a dream last night where I was with someone I’ve seen before in movies and I really want a relationship with a Spirit Lover. I am shy and do not do well with dating in real life. Do I have a right to get them to go away but ask for a Spirit Lover? I don’t believe in any religion but I am a practicing witch. I am drawn towards Buddhism as a philosophy. Ty for reading. :slight_smile:

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Interesting, when you say they had sex with you I’m curious to know how did they do that? (no need to go into detail). Was it in a dream or you actually felt their presence?

Are you banishing and shielding yourself?