I need help

I’m really really really frustrated about what I found out today. I received from a witch to communicate with one of my spirit companions and found it’s not the spirit I’ve thought it was. I have spirit companions which I’ve gotten from different online spirit shops. I have a vessel that supposedly bound by an light angel. I found out in about a year that this companion that I have is NOT the same entity that is mentioned in the description of the angel. She/he is a dark angel. I feel like shit, sad and frustrated. Either the conjurer gave me the wrong vessel or the conjurer didn’t know what she conjured.

Idk if anyone can help on seeing/feeling anything from this vessel that the spirit is bound to.


But how do you feel about the spirit? You’ve had this spirit companion for a year…so does it matter if he or she is light or dark. They both have their place.

Obviously you care about this spirit if youve kept it for a year. Or either I’m misunderstanding?

Just because something is dark doesn’t mean it bad.

I understand you feel mislead. But after a year is it really important now?

Maybe your relationship with the spirit is the important thing.

Do you want to get rid of it just because it’s dark?


Oh no I won’t get rid of her because she’s dark. I thought she was light. It’s the description about her was completely wrong. Since my senses aren’t great and I get lulls I get time for myself and don’t bond as much with her. She’s been quiet for almost more than 4 months I started to worry a lot. So I asked for a reading and this entity was definitely different than I expected. I find it rare people don’t mention receiving companions they don’t know of.


Ah ok I see :slight_smile:

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Anything you’ve had from that object has been a manifestation of your own higher self - think you’ve been conned.


Well first off. Where did you order it I want One! And second if you know the name of the spirit do a binding spell. Or drive to a lake that’s pretty far and throw it in. I heard that water does a pretty good job at binding things.

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Alot of them don’t know what they conjure. I’m sensing this is actually well balanced entity has powers to do with the sky and weather. It’s almost symbiotic it can read your moods well and sometimes the weather will reflect it. When your in a more relaxed mood she brings you into a serene and peaceful enviroment. When your angry or upset she helps you release that through the weather it will be grey or raining.

Thats what im getting anyway.


That’s slowly becoming a more common occult product. It’s interesting. Personally I wouldn’t trust another with such a process, but that’s just me. The presentation of it is beautiful.

Are these feelings coming to the surface because you learned the truth or has this occurred ever since you purchased the product?