I need help

I have a serious financial crisis, bank loans that are difficult to service, very slow sales at the shop, and my store is going towards bankruptcy in the future. If that happens, I will become unemployed."
Which of the Spirits are approximate to help address this issue?

I cant find the way out

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  1. I would ask King Zagan to change the entire situation to the opposite extreme. He has a lot of power for that. 2) Prince Orobas would help put you back in control of the situation, remove negative energy from opposing “spirits”. 3)Duchess Gremory of Venusian nature, can bring you the discovery of hidden treasures, which translates into new dormant skills, which perhaps you have not yet explored; new and good customers for example. 4) King Asmodeus for opening paths, this one opens paths based on strength, there are others, but for extreme situations he is excellent.

Thank you so much, I will try what you suggested,I hope the situation is going to get better. I am currently in a very tight spot.

Mammon buer and king paimon from the top lf my hea

Can you give me the method of calling king paimon, I tried using the gaze method on the sigil to call King Paimon, but it was not effective.

Get his sigil, . Print it. Light frankincense. Get 5 black candles and place them around the table at the 5 points of the pentagram. Place fruit, figs, strawberries and chocolate covered in manukahoney in the center of the table. Pour a glass of Merlot wine. Place them in the center of the table. This is his offering. Light the candles. Trace the sigil with a pen while chanting:

Linan Tasa Jaden Paimon.

Place some of your blood on the sigil. When he manifests, turn the paper over and write down exactly what you want.

When he leaves, snuff out the Candles. Do not blow them out. Fold the sigil and place it somewhere. Leave it there and forget about it.

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Thank you for the information, but I don’t have the luxury of having a private space to do all the things you mentioned. I have to share the room with my roommate, and in my country, I can’t obtain any black candles. I will search for another method on this forum or another source then.

If you were to ask me, “What method do I use to perform magick?” I would have to say that I learned all of this from GOM (Gallery of Magick). I like their method, but the results are quite random. Sometimes it works very quickly, while other times it doesn’t work at all. Currently, I’m in a period where my magick is not as strong as before, and it lacks sufficient influence.

A little bit of more difficult method but you could always try to astral project and build a temple for you to do your rituals