I need help with king paimon and duke/duchess bune

Hi guys,
I am in a very dire situation so any help would be appreciated. In a day or two i will be homeless as i am unable to pay for my rent, since i have no source of income.
So from past fews days i have been requesting for help from king paimon and duchess bune regarding my monetary troubles but since i am new to the practice i was not able to feel a strong response from either king paimon or duchess bune. But couple of days back while chanting an incantation for king paimon i did felt a little different…like my upper body felt a little warm and as if my upper body was wrapped in blanket but nothing uncomfortable. I had this feeling for may be 10 seconds and this happened twice.
I think i was feeling king paimon power on a very low level as i have read that when the king arrives his energy is very intense. But after that i never got the feeling again.
So here i am asking for anyone who can help me by speaking to king paimon on by behalf…as i am still new to the whole process of evokeing/invoking. I am still trying to activate my astral senses so that i could directly with king paimon my self. But here i am at my wits end without no idea how to solve ky issue.
If anyone can speak with king paimon for me and let me know if king paimon will work with me, if my problem will be solved in a day or two, or if he suggest that may be i should work with some other demon.
I have read from other post that it would be much better for me to speak to king paimon by myself but since i am still a newbie in this and i will be homeless in couple of days.
I thought i would ask help from you guys.