I need help with interpreting sign ( Asmodeus )

Hey guys… last night i summoned asmodeus as i have been seeing his name pop up almost everywhere . I’m just a beginner and don’t have much experience and knowledge… but I thought it was rude to ignore the signs . So I evoked / summoned him . Chanted his Enn and read texts about him . Then I sat quietly in the dark with only one candle light . Then little later a light cold breeze hit my back ( I didn’t had my shirt on ). Then candle flickered after the breeze . As I haven’t developed skills or ability to see, hear entities. I took it as a sign of his presence. I introduced myself and why I had called him etc. Then after talking to him ( one way communication ) , I thanked him for his time and patience and for coming . I offered my blood as humble offering . When I extinguished the candle with my finger. The smoke from the candle went swirling up like a tornado rising from the candle. Smoke was pure white also .

Anyone who had experience with this God / entity … please help

Can anyone help me interpret the meaning of the smoke pattern and if it had any specific message or any …

I really appreciate your help …thanks guys .


Usually the breeze you feel is a sign that they are present you did well following your intuition. Keep it up and also try some meditation practice to see if you get any info that way. I suggest recording any dreams you have too in a journal.


Thank you so much

What about the smoke. ??

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@DarkEmperor could be a sign to work with the element of air since it was a tornado.

Hiya OP! Asmodeus is a spirit of air, so, unless you were putting him to strictly peaceful services it sounds like a conveying of affirmation. If the smoke changed colors even once, that’s a change in the properties of what’s being burned, which can be taken as ‘leaving a mark’; it’s the signing of an implicit pact that agrees to the terms presented by your ritual. So yeah! I’d say you at least got an ‘You bet I’ll try!’ :slight_smile:


I agree with Qayos all strong signs of success. Asmideus is a sentinel and king from the east whose symbol is air or wind. The cold wind at your back is a sure sign of acknowledgment that you have been heard and he is responding.

On the candle flame it is also a sign when you extinguished the flame the color white is a symbol of purity of thought and consciousness. The whirlwind effect is another sign that your ritual was heard and a success.


Good signs. Judging from the post alone, he was likely acknowledging your efforts and respect. Demons are typically understanding when we one way conversate since most of us are brainwashed and cant hear nor see them.

Id ask him to guide you through dreams, tho be ready for nightmares. These are nightmares in the spiritual journey sense. They are bizzare and will give you a rattle, but they are chock full of symbolism and even if you don’t usually remember your dreams, you will remember these. They are lessons, they can be harsh, but they are worth it.

Congrats on being called by such a high ranking demon! I’m sure he has great plans for your ascent😁


Oh thank you , thank you guys… I never Thought I could get this much response …Thank you all for your time and response

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Guys … how is one supposed to work with these entities. What must I do or what is my part in mutual working ? Any basic idea or suggestion ?i haven’t worked with any Gods or Goddesses… so basically I have no idea …

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@DarkEmperor Well asmodeus covers alot of ground he can help you in matters do with anger, jealously, lust and probability and probably some other areas as well. So they could be some of the issues that come up when your working with him.


They are already whispering their secrets. It’ll just take time to notice.

You find that some things you concluded on your own become confirmed later on during research. For instance certain meditations you “invent” already exist on the Jos site. This usually indicates telepathic guidance.

Do you hear ringing, gongs, ahms, or buzzes sometimes? (Ringing all the time of varying intensity) if so you have someone’s attention.

I find the exception to the telepathy thing is if you are unconsciously remembering from pastlife witch craft. To figure this out, id look for a witches mark(not the kind the crusaders accused freckles of being) and then check your palmisty.

A witches mark, from what ive seen, looks like a light brown spot with a bunch of darker dots in it, kind of like a nipple. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I think this indicates an attachment.

I’m learning too and drawing conclusions from personal experience, so dont take this as a matter of fact but keep it in mind and draw your own conclusions. Shit wont get crazy for about a half year after contact. Need time to open your senses

Your sense will open as you clear chakras and you show your brain you intend to use them. So do rituals with heavy symbolism and make offerings. Its like keeping a dream journal, gotta show your brain these things are important


Thank You So much