I need help with evocation-_-

Hi,I’m Kaya,I live in Iran and I’m 17…I’ve tried evoking Lucifer and Glasya Labolas. in both of the rituals I could feel their presence but nor could I see or hear em …
What should I do?

PS Since summoning Lucifer life generally feels better and some good shit had happen


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So… Developing senses looks like an option here. Divination also may do the trick.

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Thank U^^ do you know any books or whatever that would help me on that?

Um… Search function on top right? :mag:

There’s a bunch of info about that.

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yeah right thanks
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Welcome @cloudy, :blush:

Do you have any other magical experience or interests?

I know off only lucifer in regards to your topic it will definitely be an interesting path your taking…

Definitely use the search button also don’t feel to concerned that you didn’t see or hear the first few times , as long as you acknowledge what your are getting then give it time…

Keep practicing and don’t give up :blush:


Welcome, @cloudy.

Don’t forget to make your introductory topic and share you experience and interests thus far per our forum’s rules.


Thank you so much ^^I won’t give up.
can’t think of anything worth mentioning

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Srry I forgot I’m writing it now

You’re good, I’m just getting to you before the mods remind you.

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Keep evoking Lucifer. Ask for his help. His presence alone will cause your astral senses to open, awaken and grow, in an organic and unforced way. Be persistent and dedicated, and it will happen in time


This should open doors for you it’s helped quite a few people.


Thank you how long do you think would it get ?just wanna have an idea

The only reasonable answer that I can give you is that it will take as long as it takes. Have the patience to work at you own pace. Be diligent, and you’ll get there. :wink:

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