I need help with a spell

So guys my ex has returned she’s now back in my life and it seems she’s exactly what I wanted her to be however she isn’t being intimate with me. It’s like she says all the things I wanna hear but she never wants to get freaky with me as a man she’s kind of dragging it out now and I’m getting bored. She keeps gaslighting me saying that’s all I ask for but we literally haven’t done it in a month and my love is beginning to turn to resentment and I wanna stop it in its tracks. It’s clear what she’s doing and I’m tired of her saying “love isn’t about sex if that’s what you want find someone else”

Lmao like I won’t curse ur ass. Anyways… I digress.

I was thinking of doing a lust spell to spark sexual energy between us but then I realised that girls only fu** who they respect. Love means nothing.

So my plan is to cast a spell to make her respect me which I’ll be tackling the root and not the symptom.

Any ideas on things I can include in this?

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I mean, I’ve fucked people I don’t respect.

Maybe you need to do something to increase her sex drive.


Never heard of this one before, but if it’s your realisation, than I respect your opinion, but I strongly disagree with it.

Maybe she cares for you, but she doesn’t like you. Maybe she doesn’t get turned on by you and she just needs your money or a place to stay. Maybe she needs someone in her life, so she doesn’t get to be be alone, but she doesn’t really feel attracted to you. Maybe she has a low libido and doesn’t have enough sex drive.


She could simply have become asexual. Not everyone needs or desires sex. However, it could also be a reaction to all the magick you piled onto her to get her to come back to you. You can’t really expect to throw all that energy at someone and there not to be some kind of negative effect for them. You did force her to return against her will, so its possible her system is burned out.

When someone’s energy system is overloaded and short-circuited, it lowers their life force, so their libido becomes practically non-existent. The last thing you want to do in such a situation is throw more magick at her. You could cause irreparable harm. Let her replenish her chi naturally.


Mismatched libidos are a common disrupters in relationships. If your main focus is just sex with her, youre probably lacking in genuine affection in other areas.

As a woman, we are more apt to have sex with people when WE feel loved, safe, cherished and respected. Reign in your drive and focus your attention on the relationship for a bit and nurture that. If its hard for you to do that, maybe reach out to Sallos to help grow the love between you two.

In the meantime, Asmodeus could help relieve you of your sex drive by some dream sex magic. I call on them when I dont have an outlet and they help relieve my desires through pathworking and sex dreams.


This makes sense to me.

Your right it could be due to all the magic.

I was just getting over her and then a month later she returned crying because of something that happened involving past trauma something for said in her family and she said I was the only one she could talk to about it.

Anyways she said she missed me and loves me and so on but always shuts me down at any attempt to be sexual it’s kind of disheartening.

Your right I think she does need to replenish her life force.

How can this process be sped up if I may ask. Is there anything I can do?

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If she’s open to it, you could teach her how to meditate, and how to draw in energy from the sky and the earth to replenish herself. Even just some deep breathing can help her rebuild her chi.

Physical exercise will also help, so if it’s possible, go for walks with her outside, preferably in a park or somewhere with greenery. Nature is an automatic chi booster.

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This seems like a good idea.

It’s almost like I’m dealing with a zombie. She says she loves me and doesn’t want no one else and she said she can’t figure out why she loves me so much. But she doesn’t act like it sometimes.

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That’s obviously because of the magick.

How is she supposed to act? You can love someone and not necessarily want to be intimate with them. Love and sex do not always have to go together. However, because of all the magick you did against her, this could also be a sign of resistance. She doesn’t know why she loves you so much, but she knows something isn’t quite right about it, so she is reasserting herself in small ways.

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What spell did you use to get her back? As a woman I am suggesting to get in her head. Maybe that is the way to get in her pants. Also the more you push, she is gonna pull