I need help with a possession issue

Hi everyone. I need help with a little possession issue. I like to experiment with the occult a lot. But this time I might have messed up. I tried invocations couple of days ago. I felt nothing. So Then I tried possession. I tried this with different spirits like Lucifer, Lillith and others. Went well and it was very interesting. Then I tried possession with the Orishas. Never worked with them before and I was curious. It was a very interesting experience at first. They were very loving and friendly. But then I invoked and I asked for possession of an Orissa that had no sigil. I did it by looking at her picture and saying her name. This spirit fooled me, telling me a lot of lies, telling me that I will be very sick in the future and telling me other things about my future. It eventually became more unfriendly. And I caught it on lies. Now it doesn’t want to leave. I tried vanishing it and it is still possessing me. I’ve done quite a couple of things. Master protection ritual. I called Michael, Poiel, Raziel and Metatron. No success. I even did thebornless ritual. I really need help. I am tired. I think is draining the hell out of me. And I can’t vanish it. Any suggestions?

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when banishings and other means fail, its best to retake control manually

the first part of this i call ‘act with deliberation’

everything you do, do it with intent. do not let things be done automatically for you by your mind/muscle memory.

if your walking place each foot deliberately
if your picking things up or holding feel and intend every motion.

do this for a while retaking conscious control of every action you make that you otherwise allow to be automated.

a good way to do this continuously is to write with pen and paper and be deliberate in every stroke of the pen. this is the easiest way to practice this technique for a prolonged period. do not let yourself be distracted by mind, environment or other variables for as long as possible.

a good extension of this is a 3 or 4 point deliberation.
eg. be aware and deliberate with both of your hands and feet constantly
or as 3 point your mouth and your hands.

the above is not enough by itself.

you also have to stop acknowledging the entity. whatever it says or does do not respond or even consider.
engagement is a form of consent to the intrusion and with each response or recognition you enable it to continue to attach to you.

this one is the tricky part.
if you are practiced with meditation then this would help much.

meditation on the breath is such a simple thing but it combines both necessary elements to detach it from you. by breathing deliberately and entering into silence of mind you retake control and eliminate consented engagement.


of course it may try to lure you once you retake control but this is where you need to continue to ignore it completely.

and at this point more ritual means should do the job


I thank you for your response. At this point, I have done more than 50 rituals. I was in the process of calling every spirit I know to try to vanish it. I was calling the 72 angels one by one. Then I was gonna start with the Goetia. I called archangels, azazel , lucifer , lord yeesh and more and it didn’t work. It always let me know It was still there. I did the bornless one prayer a bunch of times even with how long it is. I am very tired.

But I followed your advise and started ignoring it. And I will continue to do so. The part about acknowledging the entity being a form of consent makes sense to me. It has left me alone for the last half hour or so. Hopefully I will now find peace. Thank you.


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the first part, ‘act with deliberation’ is more necessary when an entity has gained some control of your body. but it is a good practice all the same as it cements your will in your space. and illuminates just how much of ones actions are automated. in part or in whole


:slight_smile: It will get better it’s just a thing you need to get bye its a conditioning of your self to new :slight_smile:

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It is still around. It attacked me last night iń my dreams. I was able to vanish it for a little while and sleep a little bit. I’ve been ignoring it today. It even allowed me to think that I had vanish it because it remained quiet for most of the day. Then I wondered if this peace could be a trick too. I was right. The very next moment, it moved my mouth letting me know it was there. So, I guess I will continue ignoring it and doing at least one vanishing ritual a day. I have to keep living my life. I know I’ll get it out some day.

This has been craziest experience of my life. I’ve experienced some Linda Blair Exorcist stuff. This parasite has been a nuisance. I’ll let you know the whole story once it is all done.

I’ve gone throw the same but your are stronger it’s a conditioning of you your mind accept it and grow as I did in when I was 7

accept it

How is it going?