I need help scrying

I can’t focus while scrying what should I do?

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Are you meditating beforehand? Try scrying with a candlelight with the light off for easier focus.


I agree with Senoc. How are your meditation skills? Can you silence the your thoughts or at least focus on one subject for some time -at least 5 minutes bare minimum-?

Scrying takes focus and concentration, and meditation is foundation for having any sniff of success in the art.

If you cant focus you will get nowhere.

Have you tried clearing/banishing the energies around you before you begin? Have you tried balancing the energies within yourself? Have you tried affirmations before you begin? Set your intent beforehand so you dont have to worry about mid-session. Do you know how to belly breathe -do that while you scry-?

Keep in mind scrying does not have to be visual. Information can come through via other sources. Keep an open mind, and most importantly practice, practice, practice. You can do it.


What are you srcying into?

Your mind is overactive and your focusing on getting results.

You still studying kuji-kiri and kuji-in?

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im scrying into a bowl with scrying salts also yes i am still studying kuji how did you know abou that?

I read everyone’s posts LOL. I find it difficult to formulate an answer if I don’t have a sense of who you are and what your about.

The scrying salts are cool but IMO Not necessary but that’s just me, they do have a nice effect though.

How are you at relaxing your vision, kinda where you put things just out of focus. That’s kinda where you need to be at. At the same time opening yourself up and allowing those visions to formulate.

The minute you start to think, re-blur your vision and continue. You should be void of thought and only an observer.

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