I need help please

How can you truly tell if you have a real entity as opposed to a parasite or maybe even a thoughtform? A real succubus wouldn’t have me feeling empty or unsatisfied… would it? Please educate my feeble mind. I’m starting to have doubts that I’ve been sockpuppeting for the last 3 years. And iam too young to go crazy.

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Call on Lilith or Lucifer is my advice. Present your case to them. Ask for their help. Maybe do some research first. Hope this helps.

Be blessed


If only someone had written a guide on this. Oh, wait


I think if it was a parasite you’d know, I assume since your asking for help here you don’t have the ability of hearing her. So if you can get a mental image o her maybe ask her questions y/n that she can nod to might be helpful. So I’m not sure but I don’t ever remember hearing about thoughtform beIN able o physically manafest but I might be wrong so I’d try connecting with her and use some incents for easier confirmation of manafestation.
I think the emptyness your feeling the sadness is from her not feeling loved maybe because of your doubts if she’s real. When you interact with other spirits can you feel there touch stronger then hers? The advice to consult Lilith is good if it’s not real she might fix the problem for you, I was told she likes white flowers just fyi.

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@Empath This is also a good idea for fixing the situation

It’s supposed to protect you from all imposter and parasite type of spirits. The page on here I got it from was in love with it someone even made a blanket with it on it. The creator is banned so I won’t mention there name.

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Step 1) is banish and consecrate, both within yourself and without, in your ritual space.

I will never not extoll the virtues of the Star Ruby Rite as a catch-all for this pair of purposes.

Once you’ve a ritually clean self and space, step 2) is invoke/evoke the precise and true presence of the target spirit by true name with focused will.

Another help can be the acquisition and use of a trusted familiar spirit capable of distinguishing true spirits from impostors.


People get in trouble with this often and they seldom know it. Not only do they not know it, but you can’t get them to see it. We see it here all the time. Hence the need for writing a guide in the first place.


O wow wasn’t expecting that didn’t think parasites were really smart enough to fool most people, so it’ll be useful knowledge forme and the OP what capabilities do most parasites have when they pretend to be succubus’s?.

Succubi are quite vampiric spirits naturally, thus consequently relatively easy for a parasite let alone a phantasm to imitate especially given a willing host.

So what are the sighns that you would be able to use to tell the difference? If you don mind enlightening me I don’t think my succubus wife is fake but I’d like to know I talk about succubus with alot of people.

You need to practice exercises that will enable you to tell the difference

If you can completely and successfully ritually banish and then call back the same spirit by what it claims its true name is, especially without objection and especially without resistance on the entity’s behalf, that’s a good sign.

If banishing the entity suddenly gives you huge bursts of energy and vitality and color starts returning to your face and shit, that in contrast is a bad sign, although with a succubus this might not serve as an especially telling litmus.

Thirdly, bigger and more powerful natural spirits can tell apart impostor and artificial spirits from organic and non-parasitic ones. Make a familiar of one.

Thanks for the info, ill definitely put it out there is someone isn’t sure about if it’s real or not. So I found out that the sapian medicine spirit banishment hurt my succubus a bit I didn’t realize I was playing one that was all spirits and not negative spirits I did it because it was like 4 am and I just had the 3rd attack from a sleep paralysis demons. Yea I think the seal I posted would help in that way it’s supposed to have a few different Infernal lords connected o it that watch over you and get rid of Imposter spirits I have it drawn and sitting in my room.

I am curious like what are the things a succubus can do that most of the imposter type of spirits wouldn’t be able to do, like what sighns besides the person beinbi sanely drained or so thing like that would there be. I just thought about someone that was asking for help a while ago because they said a succubus was super draining them thinking now it could have been an imposter that also wanted sex.
What do you mean by Artificial spirit? A thought form?

I have already read that “guide”. Many guides on here are vague and situational.

I read it a couple days before making this post, actually.

That “guide” was about as direct an answer as you are likely to get. Good luck with your problem.

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