I need help on removing christ from my life

Does anyone know a way to get rid of christ from my life?,I’m trying to avoid him as much as I can but he’s a nuisance to me because I was raised in a christian home.

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My advice is…
Read the Satanic Bible, LaVey’s (don’t take it too seriously though). And go sin. Have fun.

Stop “avoiding.” Every time you “avoid” you’re thinking about that religious system. Just do what you want and if you wanna talk to Jesus then do it. But don’t pressure yourself. Remember that this is your life and it belongs to you, not the people who raised you in that faith.


We live in a predominately “christian” society (for most of us i assume), unless you’re ready to move to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere, that would be pretty hard. I heard the more Scandinavian countries are very non-religious but even in then you’re probably gonna hear about the dude a few times during your life time lol.
Christianity was pushed into the world by the power of blood and sword, very deeply. Even if you leave the church like i did the scab of it still remains.
The best thing you can do really is “ignore” it. Maybe do some tapping technique to help remove the emotional attachments you’ve to it (which seems to be mostly negative). I read good things about Haagenti helping with inner alchemy in here as well. Changing things within ourselves that we don’t like and such… might be worth a try.


This again…

Stop being an idiot and just don’t let it affect you, You think Jesus is out to get you? Fuck no


Jesus doesn’t care about keeping you in a man made religion which he doesn’t even care about lol


I agree with everyone that you don’t really need to do anything… Any personal rite should help

But if you really feel like you can’t walk away on your own… There are a number of Rituals offered by the group behind BALG that you may want to read about… and maybe hire them.

I haven’t done any of them yet… but JS has other sorcerers who did a follow up on his Youtube for the two he offers.

The Reverse Baptism Ritual | J.S. & Barbie Garrett | Become A Living God

The Rite Of Deification | J.S. Garrett | Become A Living God

The EA Rite is newly offered so I do not know of any reviews out on it
The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers | E.A. Koetting | Become A Living God

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You may be dealing with an egregore of him. You can verbally tell him to leave.

The actual Christ respects people’s decisions


From my point of view and personal experience it is more likely an Archon who’s trying to make you crazy

Let me guess, whenever you practice Magick and try to ascent it intensifies?

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In my experience, Christ or Jesus never really bothered me. It was more that people praying felt like a thick fog that oppressed my practice. That may be something to consider. Is it actually Christ that is at issue, or Christ-adjacent matters?

Maybe a rite of blasphemy is what youre looking for:

Is some sort of fear of demons hindering you or something of the sort? Otherwise, I don’t think it should affect you. Then again, I don’t think there was a guy named Yeshua performing miracles 2000 years ago, but that’s just me.


Why do you have to do anything? The more you think about it the more real you make it, the more credit you give it for having power over you, the more you actually give it that power… so stop that.

Don’t “sin” - there’s no such thing. All that does is give the xtians ore power because you’re buying into their worldview and their language, which means you energetically contribute to it’s upkeep in your personal universe - and Satanism is just another sect of Xtanity, forget that shit. Remove it from your universe and your mind. It’s worthless and kinda dumb.

Ignore it, cleanse and banish as you would any lowlife and forget about it. Work on habit fixing if that’s the issue.


Slightly confused, how is it a nuisance? It’s your choice what you practise, I mean it’s not like he’s physically restraining you so you repent :wink:

Plenty of practitioners grow up in houses of mixed religions. It’s about choice and adapting it to your environment.

I’d suggest you read The Book of Revelation (new metaphysical version) by Rev. Bil Holton. It’s not what you think it is.

There may have been, but then I have seen New Agers and Sorcerers do “Miracles”. Without a time machine I don’t think we can tell a miracle from a illusionist… Seen even more of those.

You could try contacting some demons like lucifer.

Simple, indulge yourself in Satanism and avoid anything Christian. Good luck.

Part of the appeal of Christ, or of religion in general is some kind of over arching morals or purpose in life. People put a lot of effort into religion especially when they have nothing else going for them. I thought, yeah, religion, and christian guilt, I’ll never be rid of it.

Eventually though, it all fell away for me. I realized when I went totally psychotic when Astaroth possessed me how it didn’t figure into my idea about the underworld at all. Instead my focus was on politics and the abuse of technology to control people. (ie turning everyone into dead people stuck in robot bodies whos right to “life” (as if that is actually life) was dictated by the government.)

I get where you’re coming from, but I think Satanism was made specifically to rebel against organised Abrahamic faiths, so in a way, it can still help indulging in Satanism

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A session of psychotherapy and or hypnosis?