I need help on behalf of my friend

Hello everyone. Since I couldn’t find a solution to the problem I’ve been having for months, I wanted to ask you. I have a friend who was dumped by someone months ago but it caused him serious psychological problems. She hasn’t been eating properly and not smiling for 3 months. We’re trying to take him to a psychologist, she doesn’t want to. she tried to commit suicide several times and now I’m afraid to leave his side. I’ll ask the demons for help, but I can’t do anything because I think my astral senses are turned off. What do you think I should do to save my friend?

This is a very serious problem for me. She tried to commit suicide again a few weeks ago.

You defeat yourself before you begin when you adopt this thinking.

Doesn’t matter.

If you can direct your will, intention, energy and focus into something, then you CAN do something.

Likely the situation is much deeper than the particular failed relationship.

Your friend needs emotional/psychological healing.

At the very least you might work towards making them receptive to receiving help.


Burr can help heal the emotional heart, have his sigil, a nice vanilla coffee, and write a petition of genuine concern

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I had Dantalion get someone help someone out who wanted to kill herself once, years ago. She’s alive and well. I did it because I couldn’t always have eyes on her and I knew she wouldn’t always be close around me.

I recommend calling a demon (my suggestion is Dantalion) for personal reasons, but take your pick. And asking them to get her into some counseling or just swaying her mind to keep her from wanting to kill herself (but baby steps so it’s not a total 180 because that type of mind shift can fuck with you really hard).

About the astral senses are off thing… stop limiting yourself! Get /make a Ouija board, invest in some cards, grab a pendulum (a string and rock will do), or start fucking meditating. Dantalion also helped me with clairaudience though!

If you’re looking for more healing and less manipulation: Buer, Marbas, Raphael are my recommendations. I’ve never worked with them for just emotional healing though.

You could also do a jar spell.

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Maybe a heal and cut cord spell, baths of positive vibes such orange ,mint etc blessed,first.can u create a seal for healing,? Angeles are good ,

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