I need help making contact with my succubus

She has been with me for 2 weeks, but I cannot make any normal contact with her
Now I feel touches near my heart and thorax(maybe heart chakra)
I just recently had began to meditate and got some results with it

How can I contact her? I tried touching her, but for some reason she does not want to and she just holds herself back

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I changed the title so more people will be likely to look into it. There are many users here that have years of experience with succubi/incubi, I’m sure you’ll get a solution soon :slight_smile:

In the meantime, why not try out the search function? A lot of information already exists on the forum that you might find useful



Daily Meditations and show her you are serious and committed. This truly takes dedication, it’s a very long and hard path to spiritual enlightenment.

Your best bet is to increase psychic senses and astral projection / lucid dreaming.

Whatever you do, talk to her and treat her like she is a normal human being. She is with you. It is hard to keep talking to air and I often forget but I ask them daily how they are doing nonetheless…

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