I need help in making a decision concerning an incubus

So long story short I kinda need some help in deciding whether or not to invoke an incubus with whom to have a relationship with. I’ve looked at whether I want to wait on a human relationship or invoke an incubus, and honestly I do want to invoke an incubus, but a few things sort of dissern me, and I’m hoping maybe someone can help.

So here’s my concerns. For starters I honestly want a Dom/sub relationship (I’m submissive), kink and all, but I’m not really sure if one could have that with an incubus? Also, I just don’t really understand a few aspects of Incubi and Sucubi relationships overall. Like, how does sex feel exactly, like human or what? And also if you have a relationship with an Incubi or Sucubi, is it just between the two of you unless you specifically say that it’s ok for you and/or then to have multiple relationships (tbh I want to be completely monogamous between the two of us on both sides, until the day comes when I fall in love with a human, which I do want, and in that case it could be between the three of us)? Also, just how does it work overall, like, personally? I know the logics of it and how it works physically (or rather spiritually), but how does it make you feel, how do you do things together, etc.? Finally, is there anything I would miss out on from a human relationship if I were with an incubus? I’m sorry I know this is probably a lot, but I just want to know everything I can before I make a decision. I here you could probably help @succupedia , but I want to try to just get some general info on everything I mentioned. Thank you to anyone who can help me out :heart:

Both succubus and incubus can be dominant when it comes to sex. They also have the active role and take the initiative for sex. We have the passive role. There’s a reason the roles are like this, because that’s the “limit” of our abilities to feel them on a physical level, at least in the starting phase. The only active role we can make at this point, is to consensually offer ourselves to have sex with them.

A dominant incubus, in comparison to a dominant BDSM human male, can be more persistent, more raw, more physical, rough and even animalistic in their behaviour. Some of them even have the ability to shift their physical manifestation to higher or lower frequencies, light or dark. Because both are on the extreme, the former manifestation gives blisters on our skin and the energy goes outwards. It often gives sparkles, like electricity to the touch and it can be hot. The latter is cold to touch and the energy goes inwards, similar to a black hole or a vacuum cleaner. The things these two extremes have in common are more solidity to the physical interaction, and that it’s energy easily covers the room.

It feels similar to human/human sex, but their touches is not on the surface of our skin, but underneath the skin. The orgasm is much deeper and last longer than normal sex, and when men have sex with a succubus, they don’t get wet orgasm…unless they masturbate to finish the session.

It can be all of your scenarios, and it’s important that you mention this. If you want it to become something between the three of you, you have to mention that to the human boyfriend as well.

Give and pay attention as much as possible. I even give my spirits attention at work, on the breaks and lunch, and it’s enough time to feel their touches. It’s not recommended to act out with them publicly, though, even if it’s non-sexual. They can be very much active when strolling the streets in the city, holding my arms and I sometimes even feel their legs moving next to me, and their hands on my shoulders or their arms around my waist.

One of the trade-offs with these relationships is the exchange of physical versus spiritual experience. Our spirits gives us the spiritual experience and we give them the physical experience. Each of these experiences completes one another.

The love they have and the love they give is very deep and devotional. They’re sensitive and emotional, too. Some of them, or maybe most of them(?), fall in love easily. Maybe they see something deep within our souls, something only they can decipher and understand and somehow falls in love with what they see? When they do fall in love, there’s no limitation with a “back up plan for another relationship with another person in the future”, like most humans seems to have.

Maybe the common visual, physical and auditorial consistency that we humans have with eachother? Sure, we can have almost as much consistency in our relationship with spirits, but it’s very rare and uncommon to have all three senses stimulated simultaneously with spirits. Yeah, yeah, smell and taste, too, of course.
That’s the only thing I could think of. :thinking:


Thank you very much, you’ve been very helpful…I’ll definitely give more thought into it now