I need help immediately

So tonight i started to hear a whispering whistling noise coming from my left ear and it follows me around wherever i go it freaks me out alot !!! what do you guys think this could be
Cause i did try to evoke lucifer 3 days ago and i have gotten some signs that he was indeed there with me cause i still cant hear or feel him yet.
One weird thing is that my best friend downloaded an app to detect ghosts and I obviously believe these apps are fake but my best friend went into a graveyard and exactly as he started the app in the graveyard it said my full name.
Note: i was not with him and did not know that he was doing this
One other wierd thing is that when i have a fan on i hear this whispering whistling noise more clearly
Pls help guys cause its just scary cause its my first time hearing something not from the human realm

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Why is it scary. This is part of the process. You should be thrilled and excited lol
Especially since u take it as a sign from Lucifer😜


Also, I haven’t seen your introduction yet which was requested from you previously. Nobody here knows anything about you. Please make sure you complete your introduction.

I take it as a sign from lucifer that my name showed up on my friend phone

I cant find anything called introduction

Do what you did to create this thread, only instead of choosing “General Discussion” chose the option that says “New Magician and Introductions.”

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That’s why you don’t just go around evoking things if you don’t even know how to handle lol
Calm down, you were blessed to get signs from lucifer. Now show him some love and try to communicate with him!


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I can handle lucifer
I wouldn’t be scared of him at all
Its just the whistling that freaks me out alot

ask him respectfully to stop it

I think Lucifer wants you to tune in. Meditate on the sound and he might have something to tell you.


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I contacted a medium who went to the spirit world and went to my apartment and she said that there’s no bad spirits only light. and she said what i have experienced
Was someone trying to contact me from the light.
And she does not know that i love lucifer.
So it must be lucifer trying to contact me .

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Try to calm your mind and ask if it is Lucifer trying to conntact you. Then wait for a clear sign ore voice in your head ore a thought in your head that is not yours. Ore juse a pendulum.