I Need help!, I am being attacked by a sorcerer, demonic and curses!

I really need help!

, I am getting some serious attacks from a sorcerer who has been harrassing me and my family for years now but now it seems that his attacks are getting more frequent and more serious by the week!

I know for a fact that he cursed me last year and also left some dead birds outside my house and outside my childrens bedroom! Im guessing it was also some kind of deadly spell/curse!

Now this has started to affect my life in a serious way every week it seems and I am starting to hear things that are not there!!! At first I thought I misheard but my son also heard the same thing like me.

Also it seems that I am being bombarded with fear and it is pushing me to the point where I just want to throw up …

Please I really need some help, I am pretty new here but I did the blood pact with Azazel the other day and am trying to use Azazel as much as I can but I need more training/help/advise!

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One: Why is he attacking you?

Two: What measures have you taken to stop the attacks as well as prevent new ones?

This info could be handy.


Have you tried just asking him why he’s attacking you and working it out like regular people?
Attacks getting more frequent could be the result of him calling additional entities/curses over time.

left some dead birds outside my house, Also it seems that I am being bombarded with fear

Probably part of the curses, but this one is controllable by you, and if you buy into it you’ll be adding to his work against you and helping him.
It’s somewhat common for just the idea to be planted so the target does all the hard work to themselves vai fear. The birds (poor things) might actually only be dead birds, meant to freak you out.

Know for a fact that he can’t so anything against you and he’ll either have a hard time, or you’ll block him. That would be you starting to work your own magic to defend yourself.

I am starting to hear things that are not there

Well they might be there.
You did a blood pact with Azazel and he talks though tapping sometimes… how do you know it’s not him talking to you? Maybe you got what you asked for.

What have you done to clear this? Any kind of banishing or house cleaning?
You want to get into the occult. stop freaking out when occult things happen to you and start taking advantage of the opportunity. Stand up and take your power.


Well, he is attacking me because we used to be friends and then we became enemies after he stole from me, it is quite a long story but I have never wronged him, neved taken revenge, even after all of his wrong doings, he is a sick man, addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and alcahol.

I have called out for Azazel for protection but I have not done any other spells or work for prevention.

There is no reasoning with this man, I mean this guy breaks into peoples houses looking for cash, and not just once or twice, I mean this guy is a serial burgler who is an addict and an alcaholic in desperate need for cash on a daily basis, this guy will do whatever benefits him, no matter what, even for a few bucks.

On the Azazel presence, I think you might be right! When you mentioned that he could be trying to reach me through tapping, it made me see it in a different light and most likely the reason of the voices being heard.

Any Idea of house cleaning banishing?


There are tons of methods for this. Do you have sage in your house?

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Yes I have…

Uh, doesn’t really sound like he’s much of a black magician then.
He can’t feed or control himself how’s he going to have the emotional, spiritual and metal skills to send a curse when he can barely tie his own shoelaces?

Looks more and more like he’s just tricked you into cursing yourself. On the plus side it does show you your own power.


This is not a homeless guy who cant tie his shoelaces, I guess it is difficult describing this guy, he is too extreme… he has a home and eats daily, but he is just so overspending his pension that he takes extreme mesures to continue his lifestyle…

Still not hearing that this is a person who could curse is way out of a wet paper bag…

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This might help you then.

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Thanks, I’ll do that…

I once manifested something quite volatile. Thought it was a curse from another occultist i know. Turned out it was me and that was why it was attack everyone around me and not me.

If it is your own manifestation, perform energy work to reverse its behavior. This is done through programming and sharing positive energy.

For safety measures, perform a return to sender ritual.


I did a return to sender ritual, but I guess I have to do some positive cleansing ritual aswell…

My personal cleansing ritual is:
1.A bath, amethyst on 2 corners, rose quartz on the other
2. Draw a connection between them.
3. Add an ample amount of frankinsence oil to the tub.
4. Add pink himalayan rock salt, till the tub is slightly pink.
5. Sage the tub, rotating clockwise and waving the smoke over the water. The smoke should scrape over the water.
6. Meditate on affirmations:i am protected, this bath purges all negative energy, my energy is constantly being filled with positive gold energy.

Once in a trance enter the bath and do power meditations. Imagine yourself exhaling black smoke(to represent negative energy) and inhaling gold/white smoke(protective positive energy).

Now just soak in the bath while meditating on this.

You can spice it up with other oils, flower petals, and incense.


Ok nice, thanks for the hint, interesting you mention the gold smoke inhale and black smoke exhale, I was doing some protection spell with Azazel as my guide and as I lay in trance, my hands started moving and creating this gold ball, as the ball was created, the feeling was to inhale this golden ball, which I did, then I exhaled black/grey smoke, this I repeated several times until it felt like completed, this spell was something I didnt know exist but it was like I was being guided by Azazel to perform this ritual, and now I have confirmation from you that this is acually a protection ritual :slight_smile: thanks…


Don’t overlook the mundane soultions. Get him arrested or punk him out face-to-face. Convince yourself that he’s just a crazy asshole with no power.
This ties into the “path of atheism” that we had discussed in another thread recently. Use that Void armor.

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Hmm. Must read about this void armour…

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That’s a term I sort of made up, but I wouldn’t be suprised if someone else says it the same way.

I remember Koetting talking about the temple at Burning Man. He said something like, “no consecration is complete without my signature”, and, “if you don’t approve of the reality that is being pushed onto you, you can reject it”.

Void is a powerful thing to contemplate.
Between the number zero and the number one, there is an endless infinity. It is impossible to write or speak the smallest number after zero. That would be zero point an infinite number of zeros, then a one (0.00000…).

There is a way of perceving your position in the universe that puts an infinite amount of information between you and every other point. In my book, Void armor is that vision of infinite seperation between my “spiritual throne”, aka my soul, and every other concevable thing in the universe.

“Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”


You need to get out of the spirit world and live like an animal. Doing occultism will just make things worse until you’re homeless and on disability for schizoaffective disorder getting antipsychotic shots like my ex who had a pact with Satan she couldn’t handle. She was also driven to crack addiction, had zero teeth, and was put in situations where she had to brutally physically kill 3 people. Get out now while you still can, that’s my advice. You’re bringing the attacks on yourself by not living through your physical body.

If you really want it to stop, either become an atheist or a devout Christian.

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