I Need Help Deciphering an Old Message

When I was a teenager, I had a ‘coven’ of sorts. Three friends and I pulled a thought experiment and invented a cult with some Luciferian aspects. We worked to see how many of our peers would join and put their name in our rolls. We got an impressive number for a small town high school in Bible Belt Upstate SC. We had a favorite ritual place as well, up on the top of a cliff with a urban legend and a Polio graveyard attached to it.

That is the background of the event I am about to share, and my request is for you talented folks to tell me what your impressions are.

My group and I went to our cliff as we did frequently, and we did a seance. We all made a circle with our bodies and our clasped hands, sitting cross-legged on the stone with a small fire facing me and facing at angles to everyone else. I led the seance and attempted to call a specific recently deceased human being first, and I got no answers. We grew frustrated and I made the bold decision to call…anyone in the immediate vicinity.

That got results. I saw our fire rise up like a flare. This activity caused everyone to turn and look at it, and all four of us saw something in it. It was a face, large and unmistakable with sunken eyes, thin lips, and an amused smirk. We all fell silent and froze until I brought myself to blurt like an auctioneer, “Okay, thank you for coming, you can go back to wherever you came from now, please!”

The manifestation went away. All four of us confirmed that we saw it. Only two of us saw the second thing. Myself and another saw the smoke forming letters. We saw the same letters though the other two saw nothing in the smoke. It was “IM?PS”. He and I speculated that maybe it was asking us if we were ‘imps’ or ‘impious’, but we never really came to a satisfying answer as to what was being conveyed to the two of us.

Do any of you guys get an impression from this?


The entity was calling you all imps for wasting its time. Whatever it was did not seem very friendly. Something that comes when asked is either VERY benevolent, curious, or needs your energy imo.


Your timing on this has just confirmed something incredibly important to me. I mean life-altering/gnosis-affirming.

THAT big.

So while that’s about me, when things start to link up it usually means there’s a BIG current behind them all.