I need help dealing with a co-worker badly

Hi everyone. I’ve been learning witchcraft for a while now. I’m not normally a vengeful person but this situation is a exception. I just got my dream job. Everyone in the place loves me but this on girl. I NEVER did ANYTHING to this girl. She just can’t stand me for some reason. And she’s making my life a living hell. To the point to where I though about giving up this dream job. I help those in the throes of addiction and am pretty good at it. She lies about me, she under cuts me a every turn. She yells my clients lies about me and now she’s making comments about my children. I’m normally on to pop off but like I said this is the job I’m meant for. Her comments to me and to those beging my back is making the work place toxic… Can anyone PLEASE help me out?

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tell the boss. and curse her at same time. If she’s toxic then the boss should know about it as it’s affecting the boss’s business. If he cares for his business, he will talk to her and do something about it. IF he don’t care , then you have option of cursing the hell out of her. She has no right to mess with you when you didn’t do anything wrong.

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Check the encantations, here,

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Hi wise. Thanks for the input. But I went to both owners with no avail. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for about a year but didn’t get into much black magic so I don’t know much about cursing someone. Is there any particular potent spells?. I do have black arts oil,goofers dust, sulfer lol. I bought alot of stuff for black magic in case I ever needed it. And now is that time.any ideas?

Hi Zo how do I find them? I was looking around and can’t find them

I tnk u tipe incantation summary or encantation.

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Ir show to punish enemies, easy to do have fun guys,

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U don’t need fancy props. Just a good sigil for demons, their enn and petition request of what you want. good book is demon of magick by damon brand. u have 72 demons at your disposal. Or magickal attack by gordon winterfield.

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So I use the sigil and write out what I want? Do I make a offering? I want this girl to feel the pain I’m feeling. Is there any suggestion on the demon to use? And just use the sigil and petition ? And what’s the enn?

A freezing spell? I haven’t tried it but you could try the simple method of getting rid of her. If not I would call on higher beings or spirit on how to banish your toxic colleague.

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Tbh you don’t need any of that. Try the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield, since this is a very unfair situation and I’m sure you feel a sense of justice for this situation, I think that book will work extremely well.

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Thank you Dank. Ya I’m not normally one to jump to black magic or curse or cross someone but all my other co-workers love me, my clients love me but this girl makes my life impossible here. I think it has to do with my cousin. My cousin is in a well known metal band and I think she tried getting with him and he shot her down.but again I tried taking the higher road by ignoring her, going to my bosses bit she just won’t stop. I need something done. Thank you for the info!!

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Ya I did some reading and seen freezer spells. I’ll give it a look. Thanks!!

angel of wrath is good. However, i prefer the demons of magick as it’s more resource worthy cuz you get more demons and you get to be creative in your request… Even the Magick of angels and demons book by henry archer is good too if you want to work with both angels and demon. The good thing is that it has list of 72 demon/angel powers.
@Witch82 It’s best you get one of the books instead of pieces of info here and there on the forum. THem list of demons will be a resource for future spells too.


Yes that is true, Demons of Magick or The Magick of Angels and Demons would allow for more creativity, and can be used for almost anything else in the future.

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AGARES is good for taking down horrible co-workers.