I need help as an absolute beginner. How do I calculate the days of the Moon?

I am have notice while reading the Necronomicon and the Lesser Key of Solomon that they refer to “the X or Y day of the Moon” and that each spirit has a specific day of the Moon you need to call it on. I am thinking that the days of the Moon are either calculated by counting the Full Moon as “day one” or the New Moon as “day one” and then just counting up from there until there is another Full or New Moon. If this is correct then please tell me which one it is or if it’s not please tell me how to correctly calculate moon days. Thanks in advance.


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The thread is up. Can you help me?

I always check in Google. There’re some apps too. They say if is the 1st or 5th day of New Moon, Full Moon, etc.

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Yeah, and if you use a cellphone there are ones for iphone and android.

I use My Moon Phase but there are probably better.

I might purchase it instead of using the free version. No ads. I wish the calendar showed the moonphases on there with length. It does show distance, age of entire phase, etc.

The Hebrew Calendar is lunar focused versus solar focused. He could simply be referring to a specific day in the Jewish calendar. Days begin and end at sunset instead of sunrise to sunrise like our contemporary calendar does.

I find this more likely than it referring to a phase of the moon.