I need help and advice. I am new to lilith

I have been doing extensive research on lilith and I have to say I am very impressed. I want to talk with her and ask her for guidance with my marriage and to find my inner strength. I do not want her to do anything with my children or scare them (I dont honestly believe she would) and growing up below the bible belt I do have some reservations but I want to get to know her. I have faith she could help me more than the God I grew up forced to worship who has never helped me and allowed some pretty awful and devastating things happen to me. I’ve been out of that faith for a while. I am curious as how to go about this and what I need to know and do. I have full respect for lilith and what she represents. Please no bashing. I just want more information


Lilith is not one to be summoned. She appears to whom she chooses on her own. One of her sacred symbols is the owl. Love/Marriage related Demons that could guide and help you:

Sargatanas - lovemaking

Beleth - brings love to women

Gaap - causes love or hate

Lerajie - gets rid of rivals

Raum - love and passion

Saleos - fidelity

Marchosias and Morax - Women’s rights and issues


Welcome @Mamafuentes it is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

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She can be summoned, I summon her a lot, it’s up to her if she answers or not and how, like with any other entity

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I didn’t say she can’t be summoned :slight_smile:

I missed a minor semantic detail when I translated what you wrote, my apologies

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I am cynthia. I have no real experience in summoning. Only experience is cleansings by a bruja in mexico. I’m new to everything honestly. My troubles are overwhelming spiritually and I’ve been trying to figure out my path. My husband likes attention from other women and cheats. He can be verbally and physically abusive at times but I think he has something in him. I’ve seen his eyes go pitch black when in fits of rage. I need help to combat this.


“From dust I have created I have created you, and to dust you shall return”

  • Genesis 3:19

Now in the bible god said this to Adam and to Lilith, because I specifically remember it said that Lilith was made from the earth just like Adam.
You have to remember that Lilith began as animated earth, so she had a physical, mortal form. Before this, she was made from star dust, which is also called Prana or Life Force. Lilith divorced Adam and transformed into an angel, but she didnt have to die to do so. This is very important to understand. This is what makes her so magical. That she was the first to become an immortal without physically dying first.
This is talked about in yoga. The yoga sages say that it is possible to attain Angelhood and to transform your whole being including your body into that of an angel of pure energy in this lifetime, without having to physically die to attain it. You must understand that you need to see that this is possible for you to do attain as well. What is preventing you from believing so? Is it old age? Probably. Therefore it’s all a matter of time. And if it’s a matter of time, that means that you will know this eventually, definitely. Cause it’s only a matter of time.
Imagine you’re the angel Lilith, and God is telling you, “from dust I have created you…”
God is trying to remind you that your true identity as Lilith began when you began to ponder the Greatest Mystery: the relationship between body and spirit, heaven and earth. The desire to understand that is the greatest drive that IS your identity. Who you are is a verb! Literally! It’s the pursuit of that Great Mystery that is the beginning of Angelhood. . This is the beginning of immortality.
Then God says, “and to dust you shall return” : With Lilith, God is delivering to her the Greatest Commandment: That thou love all of God’s creatures, that you mother the earth, and that you stay in the lives of those mortals whom you love, or owe your heart to. God is commanding that she humble herself and make company among mortals, because even Lilith cannot maintain her power and wisdom, and relationship with mortals is an integral part of her nature and identity, believe it or not!
There is another One in the Bible that attained immortality, and that was Jesus. I asked her what she felt about how he was executed, and why… and I asked her what she thought about how Jesus struggled to communicate his understanding to others - did it remind her of her divorce with Adam in a way??
I listened for an answer. What I received was the word, “write”… like it was a command…it was some kind of advice I think. Like she was saying that it is wise to express what you know and feel, through writing mostly. Journals, letters, books, etc. Write more than you speak to others, especially when there is potential for quarrelsome topics. People have a weird habit, however tragic, of mistaking people for books when they speak often. (i.e. they burn them, cut them up, throw them away, etc.)
And I think the command “write” that is just intuitively heard, was meant to imply the word “right” as well. As if somehow talking about Lilith and how her experience crosses over with Christ’s life and death.
I just realized, Lilith is the Daughter of God. . . She was born from a Virgin Birth; From the Womb of Mother Earth. And her Father was God. . .
Read about Ida Craddock too. She knew Lilith real well. And she risked her life for her too. Her courage and intelligence and love is supernatural indeed.
I swear, under oath, under penalty of death, for all that I am worth in this lifetime, I one spring day in 2013, as I was practicing yogic meditation on my living room couch at home, Ida as a ghost appeared in front of me of her own free will, and walked up to me and I had that moment when I looked directly into her face, her eyes, and I saw her expression. I still remember it too. She touched me.
The most eerie thing was how normal and tranquil I felt in her presence. It felt as normal as the mail man showing up and leaving, but I had this joyous smile in my heart, that’s the only way I can explain it; the kind you sometimes have in those beautiful summer days where everything is perfect all day long and your heart just kind of gets this smile that hold you in a light blissed. Oh! Samadhi! That’s the word for it, now I remember.
Alright, goodnight for now I hope I’ve guided you some. I can write more but I’m really tired right now. My day has been really long…

So, Namaste!

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