I need advice

I live with my mom. She is a widow and im divorced that is why I live with her. I help her with the bills. My family is Christian I’m fucking not. Never was. Here is the thing, since I don’t bow down to thier fucking Christ they think I am the cause of all their shit. Health problems, money problems, things fucking up in general. They don’t know my beliefs, but have problems with my crystals incense and candles. lol If only they knew of my demon’s I adore.
Recently my mom found out the she has Glaucoma and had to have surgery on her eye’s. Guess what? I’m to blame. My sister won’t have anything to do with me and I got this message.

I just want to let you know I love and I do care about you. I am sorry I have distanced myself from you. I am going to be honest it’s because I have been mad about what I feel you are dabbling in. I am sorry I just don’t understand. I pray that you turn to the one true God and find all you have been desperately searching for. Please remove everything that is not of Him in the house and watch all your circumstances turn around. I’m worried about you and Momma. I never bothered answering her.

I am sooo pissed. If they only knew what I am doing behind my closed doors. I can’t move like I said I help my mom.

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This… this has nothing to do with magic, honestly. As you said, they aren’t aware of whatever spirits you work with (sorry, I don’t know which ones are they, I think this is the first time you and I speak).

You can think in the atheist solution: show me evidence of your god or get the fuck away. Then you can start naming the Catholic church’s crimes along history or how they still get money from goverments in Europe and Latin America and so on.

And then you can go and call them what they are: superstitious dickheads. Because come on, they totally are.

Sadly, once this ideas are fixed, I don’t think they’re going away, not in a million years.


Sounds like you have to choose between yourself and your happiness/peace of mind and helping your mother and dealing with their bullshit.

I would get on my feet, get financial assistance if you’re eligible and move out. Create your own space, life and happiness (taking those vital steps will also strengthen your magic).

You’ll never change them, their beliefs in their god nor will you change their approach to you.

You are in control of your life. Take it and run with it. You can do it!


It’s seems like a fundamentally toxic situation. People who are that deep inside a self reinforcing delusion are never going to change their perceptions. Maybe someone else in your family should take care of your mother. As long as you are wrapped up in their insanity, they will continue to be an impediment to your magick and your ascension. Even if you want to help them, you won’t be able to do it as long as they are weighing you down by persecuting every little sign that you don’t agree with their dogma. My advice is, find a way to get yourself out of the situation as soon as possible.


Evoke someone to get rid of those problems, prove them wrong. Say it was you.

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