I need advice again

Ok. So guys I need some advice again. This time is about me making a bound correctly. Short story this post will be about me and the bound that I want to create with King Paimon, also with Lucifer, but that will be for another topic. When I wa first drowned towards King Paimon, I didn’t know what to expect. He helped me alot. Wanting to make a bound with him, I started to bring him daily offerings. At first I bought fruits for him. After a few days I asked him what offerings He would prefer. It was kinda futile to asked that question (thats what I was thinking at the time) because I don’t have my astral senses opened. The same day I found E.A Koetting’s video about Him and in the video, EA talks about what offerings King Paimon prefers(alcohol) and other staff. The same thing happened when I asked him how to some substitute some things and later that day I got my question answered trough a balg member. I guess He works in misterios ways. Moving forward, I started to give Him alcohol every day(well to be more precise it was every night) and meditate on His sigil every day(again night or 1-2am). Today (well if you read this post it will be yesterday because I’m tired and I need to go to school early in the morning so I will go to bed after writing this) I started the day quite frustrated because of my blockages on my 3rd eye. Feeling extremely depressed because I felt weak, I started to meditate on King’s Paimon sigil and I asked Him what can I do to hear, see, and touch You.I also asked Him to guide me to power or to give me power so that I can have peace with myself. I also aked Him if He is willingly to be my patron demon. After some minutes I find myself asking for a free service, on a topic about patron demons , here on balg, cause why not, when it’s says free or practice you gotta join the fun. Here the guy says I’m a witch with solar attributes and in the Qlipoth, the black sun empowers witches with solar atributes. So I got my answer for the question about gaining power. He also told me that my patron demons are King Paimon and Emperor Lucifer wich answered my request to King Paimon and confirmed my doubts. I also asked Him to open my astral senses, or at least aid me. Well, here I didn’t get my request answered , but I got this “There are issues with darkness and voidal magick in you. The darkness scares you but seeking the light’s help in darkness will help you.” (this quote is from the guy that did the free thing,he is a good guy, I know it’s not related but i just gotta say it cause he really did an amazing job, his name is @MorpheusDarkson). I kinda need some advice on this. I believe it is related on my failure with the 3rd eye blockages thing,but I’m not sure. Well it has to be, because the last question had an answer, but the astral senses didn’t, so it must be related. I would like to thank King Paimon for answering my questions in His mysterious ways. Hail King Paimon. His answer is like a riddle to me, at least qute above .I will do some search on the void magick thing, at least this is all i can understand . But the issue darkness thing and the “The darkness scares you but seeking the light’s help in darkness will help you” thing, i can’t seem to understand and comprehend it. So guys, can you give me some advise on this? Thanks in advance. Oh I forgot to tell you that when I summon Him I was hearing “pock” from objects I know it’s not related, but mybe there is an explanation for this. Some time later, as I was doing my research on the black sun and sphere of Thagirion thing, I had this weird feelings :

  1. my left ear started to feel like it was my heart beat. I don’t think i explained it correctly, but i can’t do better than this.
  2. For 5-10 sec i could hear a trange sound in my ear. I don’t know how to decribe it(because of translation problems), I translated it with google translate and here is the translation : ringing, whizzing, tingle.
    3.I kinda felt air in my
    left ear, a little bit of pain and some pressure.
  3. some headaches on the back part of my head.
  4. For 10-15 sec, I heard a weird sound, it was a combination between a person walking steps and the sound of water drops.
    So i need some info and advise on it. Thanks again.
    oh yeah, here is the whole thing

Fixed the spelling in your title OP.

It sounds like you have a nasty ear infection. Get that checked by a doctor asap, you shouldn’t just assume it’s spiritual and risk damaging your hearing.


thank you, I think it’s already healed because today I didn’t have a problem with it and that strange things only happened last night, maybe I hallucinate the experience because of my frustration