I Need a vivid Dream interpretation

Hello everyone again.

For the past few days, I’ve been having series of dreams but I had one last night, it felt so real and kinda troubling.

In the dream, I was out with my little brother for a hike, not really for leisure, because it felt as though I went to take something from the top of the mountain with him. On our way back to the house (just at the base of the mountain) at a point where the mountain is still about 15 feet from the ground and beneath the mountain at that point was a pool sort of dirty water and some young folks were init having fun. He positioned as if to jump into the water from that point of the mountain and I argued him not to. I didn’t know what happened next because actually he didn’t jump but we were inside the house (My stepmum’s) and everyone was trying to welcome the both of us and I turned to go out, behold he was before me coming out of a room. Surprised, I looked behind me because I left him there, so how did he get ahead of me? and yes he was there, just where I thought I left him, he was there indeed all cheeky but reserved and here he was again standing before me & I know my kid bro isn’t a twin so why do I have another version of him in the same house?
As though he knew what I was thinking, he interrupted my thought and said he left that version of him behind so that my step mum wouldn’t be looking around for him to do chores and run errands. Indeed this version of him that stood before me is all looking stressed and a bit untidy like one who has been working almost all day but he was still cheerful and lively. He was happy we (I and the other version of him) came back safely. We were talking, then the other version of him joined in the conversation and when we were all done, I wrapped my arms around the shoulders of both and we walked out. As we were walking out, my step mum screamed his name to come do chores and the second version of him that i just met, went to answer the call. As I and the first version walked out into the street talking about random stuffs, people started screaming and I turned to look at what was happening only to see the horrible sight of a plane crash. Right in the sky a plane breaking in two and dropping down with a very loud explosion that was shaking everywhere. I tried to run to my brother while everyone else laid on the ground but noticed that I couldn’t because everywhere was shaking so badly that I couldn’t even see properly and it felt like my head was unstable, I couldn’t find balance so I fell on the ground with my heart beating really fast and couldn’t get up for while my heart kept beating damn fast and my brain unstable I had nausea and closed my eyes to help me find balance.