I need a scan. I feel heavy

I’m in need of scan and I will scan back. I feel blocked and heavy. Depression, heartache and emptiness. I feel like something is attacking me and cleansings are not working. Anyones help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Have you tried an uncrossing? First thing that came to mind when I looked at your picture


I have tried to do that but it doesnt seem to work. I’ve done egg cleansings also. I always have a hard time remembering my prayers I’ve known my whole life while doing these cleansings and only during the cleansings do I experience the brain lapse. Now my phone wont even reply to you. Something is stopping me from getting clean. I can feel it and I’ve seen it. It’s very sinister.

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Do you have a relationship with an older woman? Almost elderly? Someone over 60 you were close to at some point in your life?

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The only individual I can think of is my grandmother who joined my ancestors last year

Could be a parasite. Banishing rituals and shielding could help. If you need outside help, I suggest finding a legitimate Shaman. The Shamans I know are extremely adept at removing such entities.

Either way, dont let it fuck with your mind. Fight the energy, keep yourself busy, and don’t let anything whether an entity or you emotions control you.

Very pretty picture by the way.

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I see the presence of an elderly woman behind you. She seems happy. Almost cheerful. Shes happy. I also get the hint of cinnamon.

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I am trying so hard. I’ve been fighting for 5 years now and it always comes back. I can get rid of it for a few months then bam. Anger and depression. I’m a normally cheerful happy friendly person but when i feel this thing on me, it is hard. I feel weak and that’s not good. I’ve never gotten this low before. I conduct my cleansings and rituals and for 2 days after, I’m totally exhausted. I dont get it

When you get rid of them, they come back twice as hard on you. You have to be a warrior. When negative thoughts and feelings come on, void. Thought is the enemy. You have to sit with the emotion without thought. You have to face those emotions and stay strong. A great deal of power they have is our own repressed traumas.

If you need outside help, I suggest finding a legitimate shaman. One in Colorado is extremely advanced and adept at removing parasites and helping you heal.

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You need to fast.
I feel a deep lower abdomen saturation. You need to rid yourself of the lower energy.

I would not eat before 1pm and not eat after 7pm.

Eat your full days calories in that window and eat health lots of veg olive oil and some protein.

do this for 4 weeks, you can ease it off to noon-8pm after that.

Drink lots of water to flush out and get some ligth exercise, walking is good one for this.

That emptiness inside will disappear.

Thank you. I will start that tomorrow. Unfortunately I had my appendix removed about 4 weeks ago and my health still isnt 100%. I’ve never had it hit me this hard. Last night something grabbed my foot in my bed. I guess it gets off on scaring me. I’m more determined now than ever. I will take your advice.

Thank you. I’m in texas unfortunately and finding an authentic person to help here is 1 in 100.

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that makes sense, it is the damage in the lower area of your apendix i was picking up on.

Fasting can be fantastic at clearing out a lot of garbage and helping you vibrate on a higher level than you do now.

If you feel the fear, shout “Archangel Michael - COME! Rid me of this parasite, cut him with your sword, remove him forever to wence it came, you are authorised by me to do this! Cut the cords, cut the curse!” Believe it is all in hand, you should feel instant relief, let it be dealt with, if you see a flash it is ok, hes there, he is sorting it out on your request. You may ask AM to stay at your side or ask for 10,000 angels to surround you with protection until the morning. IF its your house you may need to do a clearing in a similar fashion.

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I just did a scan of someones alter and got ‘water’ … turns out there is a shower behind it - Im getting more than coincidences

I’m starting to pick up on people also. I’m getting better at that myself. It’s a little surreal