I need a Ritual or Entity to Prevent Eviction

I know that some of you, especially @Lady_Eva, have read the many previous posts about a similar situation I was in about three years ago. How, while homeless, I was able to do rituals in my mind without tools. It led to me finally being in a new city, job and apartment. I thanked Duchess Bune, Lord Belial, Lord Lucifer, Papa Legba and others. And I will continue to do so.

Now, I’m in the same situation again. I have been out of work since the 21st of January. The only thing that has kept me in my apartment is my last paycheck, my small savings, tax returns and a credit card.

I am all tapped out. It’s April Fools Day and I am the Fool on the Tarot card. I’ve been looking for work, signed up for unemployment, reached out to temp agencies. I’ve been looking into these “Work at Home Online” schemes. I’ve talked to my pastor at church. He said he can’t help me. I’m in talks with my landlord, but I’m not sure that I’ll get another chance with her.

I’ve made offerings to Duchess Bune, Lord Belial, Lord Lucifer, Papa Legba and others. Nothing yet. I’m not giving up and I still believe that magick helps.

If anyone out there can help me in their rituals or give me a ritual. If an entity can be petitioned on my behalf, I thank you.

If E.A. was able to make it with the help of magick, Then I know I can.


Peace and Blessings.


Your ancestors couldn’t hurt. Otherwise, I’d just continue to do what you did last time.

What’s your field of experience in the workfield if you don’t mind me asking?

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I did petition the ancestors through Papa Legba. I’m a certified computer repair tech, but I’ve worked as a factory worker, office assistant, barback, hotel houseman, construction laborer.


There are a group of Norse spirits called (don’t quote me here) landvaettir(?). Either way, giving offerings to and petitioning them (they’re the spirits of the land, really) is a good idea, along with offerings and whatnot with the ancestors.

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Cast a spell with the petition, that would give you higher chance of success. E.A explained how to do that in his videos so could easily do it with a candle or a sigil.

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