I need a new term

I’m looking to replace the word demon with something more appropriate. I’ve mentioned in several posts that in the Solomonic and grimioric traditions, the word means lesser or subordinated spirit. And originally, they were the gods or cultural spirits of older polytheistic societies that were either conquered, consumed, or outlasted by their Abrahamic neighbors. So, I take it to mean conquered spirit or outsider of the pantheons of angels and saints. So, I feel the term is inappropriate. It feels like the name one group of people would give another group of people after conquering their territories and putting them to work. Especially when you then think about how those same spirits haven been vilified in popular media for hundreds of years.

Is there a more appropriate or non-offensive term that I can use?

Not really accurate. Historically, only a very few of the spirits listed in the Goetia (3 or 4) were ever considered to be gods. That’s roughly 4 % of the total number.

If you don’t like the word demon (the spirits themselves don’t seem to have an issue with it) then maybe try thinking of them as chthonic, or underworld, beings. According to Rufus Opus, in his Modern Goetic Grimoire, that is what they were originally believed to be, and they represent the realm of unmanifest potential.


From my experience they are subordinate spirit’s they submit to the will of the Abrahamic law (Psalms) as well as we have the power to control them, and they are not superior to angels. This would make them lower. They also required physical offerings most times and they like to indulge in the physical senses.

Whereas angels do not need this.

For the ancient Gods it’s very common that all the Gods of the tribe fought and battled you can think of the God’s as mode of being or energies that effect the world but you cannot see (normally).

Demons are pretty similar to this.

Depending on your belief is how you associate with them, for me they are subordinate as they submit to the Law and name of my God and they take command from me, the book I use also makes it explicitly clear we are command them and they have no right to tell us what to do.

The only time a dark entity has power over a man of God (biblically) speaking is when it pertains to Satan, but Satan is Samael so it’s an archangel which is higher in the hierarchy than Demons.

So just keep that in mind, obviously you are entitled to your own opinion but I treat demons accordingly they do my will and I respect them as dukes, kings, and presidents. They do their part and I give them offerings. It doesn’t have to be any more complex than that.

I used to give blood and even worship them or call them into my body but I’ve evolved from this…