I need a mentor

I need a mentor.
Is there anyone who can teach me personally…?

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Meditate five minutes minimum without any thought.

Be able to hold a crisp, clear, color image of an object in mind for five minutes minimum.

Repeat in a noisy area.


I’ve read your intro, you’re saying you’re interested in astral projection and communicating with other spirits. That’s good.
I’d like to start off by saying that even though you will find a very friendly community here willing to help you out, there are low chances you could actually find a mentor to personally train you, day by day.
Most of us here are busy and struggling with our own matters, almost everyone here started on their own.
Starting on your own will also give you the advantage of unbiased opinions, as you will be learning from multiple sources, not just from a single person who could let’s say hate working with Angels because of their own reasons, or have something against specific demons because of unpleasant experiences.
Since you’re new here you are momentarily unable to send PMs, so I’ll send you one with a few book titles I recommend getting a copy of and some exercises and techniques you could do to start developing your Magickal capabilities.
I’ll see you around here, if you have any questions feel free to ask me anything and I’ll do my best to respond as well as I can.


Thank you


The spirits make EXCELLENT mentors.


To anyone reading this … Yes this one thing is absolutely critical before you begin serious magick.

You can’t jog if you can’t see… You can’t do magick blind either.

The seriousness it take to do this separates the wheat and chafe of magickal society.


I’ll send you a method that will help you get a spirit mentor, one of the many you could attain as you progress. :+1:



Next step …

Go outside on a calm (no wind) day where there is blue sky, sun and white clouds in the sky.

Stare at the clouds and see the shapes and see the story they tell.

Pick a cloud of a certain shape and reshape it mentally, and will it to split or reshape the cloud.

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Then practice grounding and pranayama (breathing) while sitting in a certain posture with your back and butt against a large tree trunk.

Practice rhythmic breathing with eyes closed.
In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, pause 2 3 4.
Repeat until it feels normal and not forced at the nose and throat.

Imagine your feet flat on the ground, that your feet go underground and join the roots. Merge with the tree while still breathing rhythmically.

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These are three steps I came up with and still try to master.

Your best mentor will end up being your own personal experiences. Shit loads of trial and error. Better than any personal mentor.

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Would you mind sharing the method for getting a spirit mentor with me too @Lady_Eva? Thanks!


@Lady_Eva, could you share with me too?


Feeling a strong pull, or getting reoccurring signs of contact is a great sign. Call someone up and ask if they’ve been trying to talk to you. Spirits don’t take a shine to people for no reason. Be cordial, ask questions and if you hear or feel nothing I guarantee in the next few days you will get something you recognize as confirmation.

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@Kamarov Hi Kamarov,

Could you plz send me this list of books too. I have learnt much from all the good people here but I have allot more to learn.

I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to do so.

Thank you.

@Audreen work solo and open your self up. I knew nothing and I have just trusted in what I am doing, trusted my intuition and I have yielded some good results. Believe believe believe and believe some more.


Can u send me also the same method please. Thanks.

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