I need a mentor in person

Is anyone here from NYC? I’m having trouble with magick, and I need someone to tutor me in person. I’m from The Bronx btw.


Research all your specific questions online, then when your senses are all opened just get a deity/demon to tutor you in person when you can fully perceive them xD

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Im near Philly, if you want to organize a meetup, we could do a consultation. But, I mean i would need Bus fare if I was gonna go all the way to NY, or you could come here.

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The following was my reply to a similar previous thread that might be helpful for you;

"Be careful of mentors. In all my twenty years of occult work I have had only two mentors who proved to be worth the time and energy of the student. Luckily, I still have an excellent working, teaching / learning relationship with both of them. But for the two good ones I’ve managed to engage with, there have been multiple mediocre / unsatisfactory ones.; these latter however were fortunately quickly spotted within a matter of months; they made rooky mistakes which the diligent student could see through, without too much loss of financial resources or emotional / spiritual investment.

My experiences have taught me that age is actually quite an important factor with concerns to developing this kind of relationship. The two mentors whom I had the good fortune to learn from were either older than me or the same age as me; having had the time and experience both to develop their knowledge and the wisdom in its deployment and teaching. Not that I’m discounting the possibility of a twenty something occultist having sufficient knowledge and wisdom to become a teacher of quality; I just haven’t come across it yet.

There is also a matter of finances; in my experience an authentic mentor will only charge you for the material that you need to learn and no more. A good mentor will not try to make a living out of you; he / she will have already manifested all that they need to be financially secure without relying on students / apprentices to financially support them. As a consequence, they will not try to sell you their services; and it is you who will have to go to the effort to seek them out and prove both your desire and your commitment by damn hard work and perseverance in the learning and application of their teachings.

I wish you luck in finding such a person on this forum or elsewhere.


You could use Skype or any other video chat service. Chaos magicians implement technology into their work.

I can be one of your online mentors. I have alot of practical knowledge as well as systemic knowledge. I have developed my own working systems over a 20 year period which began when I was in my teens. I’m 31 now and have a firm grasp on occult philosophy and phenomena.