I need a genuine babalawo

Hello, good morning from this side, I am new here, My name is Collins, 26years old, I am a degree holder in Secretariat Administration, a Nigerian, the first of many.
I am a deep believer of the Magical world (Though I have no real experience) I just chose to believe. For about 4 years now, I have been conducting series of deep research about Magic and (African Magic) but what basically brought me here is my genuine thirst for help.
For the past 5 years, I have been going through a very hard time (Financially and emotionally) my mother has been constantly sick, while it has been draining us financially, for me I take care of my fiancee in school, she actually lost her dad, I care for my siblings as well. I am in a very deep financial mess, with alot of debts.
I need a very good babalawo for consultation and if possible to perform Oshole for me!


Welcome @Omoele

It is a rule of this forum that ALL new members must properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience YOU may have in magick.

Also, please be aware that 1) it is against the rules of this forum for anyone other than the authors of BALG to advertise magical services, and 2) we do not rate or review the services of others here, as this forum is attached to a business that sells such services themselves so it would be very poor form.

We cannot tell you if the person you solicited online is legitimate or not.

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Error corrected. I am grateful and hope it is much better like this?

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Thank you for updating your post with information about yourself and your experience :slight_smile:

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Do some research on how to work with the Orishas directly. I suggest you start paying homage to your ancestors as well. They will help illuminate your path.


I still genuinely feel I need guidelines, I was told by an Ifa priest I need to carry out certain sacrifices for my way to open as Ifa has forseen the Odu Ifa of Ireti Meji… I have no idea what that means.
He also said I have been involved (By what I eat/do) in so many taboos that are not in line with my Ori and I need to become an Ifa initiate once I’ve been blessed after the sacrifice to understand these taboos

I don’t know about all that man. I’m not a pro at African spirituality but i’ve been in enough circles to know you don’t have to be initiated into the Ifa priesthood to wield the power.

You just need to reconnect with your ancestors. Offering them an animal sacrifice could be effective but that’s up to you.

I will now refer you to S.Ali cause he knows a lot about this particular current of Magick

Are you still active here?

Yes i am, had a few weeks of ill health

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Regarding this, how far have you gone?

And what type of Oshole are U talking about here? U know they are of different types? Oshole Asiri Bibo, Oshole Gbe-Wa etc

Do let me know…also for consultation, that is something you can at least try out yourself or ley someone on the forum scan you, know where to attack… What exactly went wrong etc things like that!


Queenlina I am grateful for this support, unfortunately in the search of a solution, I have been duped even with my little, the people I reached out to through the internet duped me of a worrisome amount of roughly N70,000 everybody wants to extort from those in dire need, at this point, it feels no one can help me, I really do feel helpless, I need help I am starting to feel suicidal, there’s alot of turbulence in my life now. How do you think I can be helped, I am in dire need of it and how else can I reach you? To be able to discuss this because I am fully interested though i am very much a novice in this practice

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Thank you for the reply, please how much are we talking about here? And I don’t live near a river, its more like a widened gully we reference as a river. Please how do I get this genuine help.
I want to know, what, how and when I need to do to get rid of this very drowning stage of my life from increasing debts to extreme poverty even though it has been revealed by several that I come with wealth from Eledumare, please I am confused as the wealth is correlating in the opposite direction

Oh that’s everywhere, and they are not hard to spot, only those who don’t know about our Ibile stuff will fall into their traps.

That’s very correct.

Indeed lots of scammers here and there, so it’s hard to know who is real and who isn’t! I’m in Lagos, where are you? Can U PM me? Also do U use WhatsApp?


When i registered here I saw this person Luxfero posts and I’ve seen his replies and I think positive of him (His works/paths), and now found him on FB; but he said he’s on a holiday now and isn’t coming here anytime soon, but fairly using FB.

And some members I’ve met here said he doesn’t charge for anything, he’ll help freely if he WANTS TO. Check him too.

But PM me, as I barely check in here, the browser I use zap data a lot and you know how our service provider here does.


Hi. I’m Brazilian. You can make a offering to Exu Marabô. Search in Google ‘’ oferenda para Exu marabo’’ It Will open your path.

Hi Lina, i don’t see the option where i can PM you, but if you can please do, i am also on whatspap i don’t know if it is welcomed to share contact details openly on here… i am very grateful

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thank you so much, checking that up… i am grateful

You Will not pay much for the offering And Exu Marabô lead with financial affairs.
You are welcome

Same here with me… I don’t know how to PM, I’m new to the site.

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I think I found it now… I’ve earned Membership Badge. I guess you haven’t get that. But I’ll PM you now.

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Thank you queen I am too grateful

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