I need a curse

Hey everyone, im new to this forum!

Apparently my ex is a super toxic person. He manipulated me mentally and turned my life upside down!! I was lucky enough to get out of this relationship.

And now he saying im making him a bad person in front of our friends (Anyway, we do have a group of mutual friends) Since the day we broke up I did talk to some friends and hangout with them because those were things i needed the most.

He keeps blaming everything on me and wants me to apologize to him and the friends I shared the story about the break up with. Because I hurt his image in front of everyone and make those people think he is a bad person.

I want to curse him and make him suffer so so bad. I want to make his life so difficult that he can never overcome any obstacles in his life. And he will have to pay for what he did to me.

Moreover, I did do some research on the forum and unfortunately i cant access to grave yard dirt. Can anyone please share any curse that is strong and without the graveyard dirt?

Thank you in advance and so sorry if my grammar is not correct, im still learning English.

But you chose to be in that relationship. For instance; I’m only furious with my ex, because she was a witch this entire time and that stink bitch did not tell me. Her pea brain probably thinks I’m upset because of her or her narcissism. Negative.

Your cursing him is not gonna fix his character flaws or your trauma. Just delight in the fact that toxic people are doomed. Run away.


@Adodda please read this carefully. :point_down:

And when you’re finished please post any specific questions you have about it and we’ll go over them step by step. :+1:

And before anyone else feels the urge to post something other then how to perform a specifically asked for type of magick ritual, please read this carefully.

Our personal opinions on whether or not a particular kind of ritual is warranted is not only irrelevant but also against the forum rules unless the OP specifically asks for them. Please remember this for future reference. Thank you.


I’ll keep that in mind.

Sure I will keep that in mind. Thank you!

Exinde, neca, odium incinde. Mors portam patefacit.
Destroy, kill, hate. Death opens the gate.

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Thats kind of too much for what he is asking. IDK whose fault it was or the reasons you broke up with him or he with you.

Either way, do a candle spell to stop him asking you to apologize and and end this chapter of your life peacefully. As both of you have a common friends to spend time with, getting over this feud is all you need.

Take a white candle, carve out his and your initials on it (First letter of firstname, fathers name, mothers name and lastname). Those two initials should have some space in between them. Then in this space write PEACE. Hold the candle in both of your hands as if you are doing namaste/giving reiki to the candle. Hold it for 5-10 minutes thinking that both of you are at peace with each other. The more you FEEL this peace the better it is. After that just burn the candle at your home alter or the Church that you go to or any other religious place of your liking. It would be best to do this spell on a Full Moon. If not possible to wait for the next full moon, do it on any day of the waxing moon on Monday Night.