I need a curse that cannot fail

I need some individuals and a spirit connect to them dead. I need complete and total (even astral) destruction of these entities and people. Permanent and complete death of even their spirits.

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Did you piss off another Gay Wiccan witch? Lol dont mess with the gays they have magickal faery powers that’ll “plug” you up.

No, this one is for a spirit created in my life by accident. I intend to destroy it and it’s source. Being my sister and step father.

I dont understand. You created.your sister and stepfather? What was the spirit?

In the Anthology of Sorcery book one… there is a story of a woman possessed by her own imaginary friend from childhood. The spirit was born from childhood abuse.

My case, the spirit was born from my own pride and lack of feeling in control at home growing up and it always comes to mw when I am starting to see success and dashes my life to pieces so it can push me to feel sorry for myself. I finally did a meditation on it and i saw the spirit. The way my step father and sister made me feel and my reaction to it is what created this entity.

Then kill the spirit and work towards those two people later.

Astral project, and attack it.

follow arcane’s advice