I need a career reading

Long story short,I want a free tarot card reading,toute suite. Use any deck,Thoth’s,medieval,steampunk,tarot app,etc. whatever.

I am highly.uncertain about my current interests,passions and such. I know not where to go and I can’t give myself a reading because I taint the results too much,and am not thst good with Tarot.

Tarot,however,gives you a really good luck into things.

I want it typed out,in a PM.If one needs information (hobbies,educational background etc.) Then I’d be happy to provide.

I like some of your posts, I’ll do one! I still recommend comparing a few readings for your own peace of mind, though, with something like this. Hell, even two skilled readers can have different emphases in what comes out in their readings. For instance, mine are long-winded and near-pedantic.

Mine tend to be vague,and sometimes filled with useless facts that I love.Not to mention,I’m kinda the only person I can read for,since I’m still in the broom closet(and I like it that way!),but whenever I read for other people I often get useless details,that I almost never let go of.

Did you know that my grade school’s English teacher’s boyfriend started out as her stalker?I didn’t until I read for her behind her back!Although,she’s a phenomenal woman(pun intended,she’s a huge fan of Maya Angelo)

So,in the end,I like getting readings.I’m sure I could get really good results by just scrying and asking some of my spiriltual buddies what the deal with my interests and passions and stuff is,but I’d prefer a flesh and blood seer and his or her tarot cards.

So,I thank you!And I wish you best of luck!

Thanks to Claidheim for the reading!

I just got another one from Ravensascent.