I nead help

Hiy brothers am jeff from kenya
#am a knew begginer i want to wrun black majic
which Demon is the best for that?
And how to summon thank you guys your post have been a big help to me as a begginer

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Introduce yourself here real quick buddy


Before you start working with demons, start reading books. E. A’s books are not bad to give you an overview of the landscape.


Hello my name is jeff, I would prefer not to share photos, if that’s alright! I’m actually still very very new to magick, so honestly I’m not sure which kinds there are, what the categories/subcategories are, etc. My current goal is to just… learn, i guess. I’m open to trying anything once -

@Lady_Eva I believe your mod powers are needed once more… The intro topic is where the intro’s go Jeff :sweat_smile: