I must be in a magickal band for my spiritual evolution

I have technical magic knowledge, I am also open to communication. I have occult knowledge of the Middle East. I want to complete a spiritual evolution and have mage development. That’s why I’m looking for spiritual and open friends to practice with.

Remotely? I’m not familiar with Eastern Rituals, but I can give it a try. Also I don’t speak Arabian, but willing to learn.

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Welcome @reddingxxl It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience you may have. This post doesn’t really tell us anything and does not meet our requirement.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

If you don’t have any experience, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

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You are quite right about introducing myself. I got information about the site from an entity and we’ve been checking it out from my girlfriend’s account for a while. I live in Turkey, I have 2 years of spiritual experience. It’s pretty easy for me to tell you what I can do, except for the secret ones. Although I am not very interested in black magic, I think that knowledge is power and should always be progressed. I am open to any development. I am particularly interested in dimensions and portals, as well as energy manipulation.

This does not answer my questions. Part of a proper introduction on this forum is telling us about any magical background you have, and this is so general and vague that it says nothing at all, and again, does not meet our rule.

So I’ll ask again:

What, exactly, do you practice?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

I have done more than one study with the beings in the science of Havas. I collaborated with beings in the Havas teaching about people casting black magic on an entity invasion. You also know that not every experience with demons is relayed, but regardless of Grimore’s teaching, my invitations have been honored. I’m still working on my chakras. I am speaking to 4th dimensional beings. I am still working on energy management. I am also learning the science of ledun. I also have experience with some spirits among the 72 spirits found in the Grimore book. I am here to improve myself. Are there any other questions I can answer?

I am waiting for an answer from you. please don’t ignore me

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

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