I might take an interest in law

So, if anyone here knows me, you’d know the following.

  1. I’m autistic and have a hard time meeting people.
  2. I’m very anxious and paranoid towards people, especially females.
    I’m afraid that I will say or do something that someone will misinterpret or purposefully spin into Something bad. They then turn around and Falsely accuse me Of something. I literally feel like I can’t trust people to not make a judgment call through a pure emotional reaction. Obviously this fear keeps me from doing anything.
    I’ve realized that where these fears lie is summed up in the law. Therefore, I think having a familiarity with the law will help alleviate this paranoia.
    I am asking for both magical and mundane advice.
  3. How would you recommend getting into this subject?
  4. What spirits are good for dealing with legal issues?
    And don’t say I need therapy. I’m very well aware and looking for a therapist.
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Have you tried practicing mock conversations, where you have a response lined up if a certain topic comes up or if they say a phrase?

I’m not really good at being social but what helped me was forcing myself, and I had mental script of what I would say and I mentally put on a mask so it was me but not me, if things didn’t go right I could mentally better by saying they didn’t like the mask but that isn’t totally me.

You probably take the mask concept and make it a spell, so when you go out you put it on.


Hmm I don’t have autism, on the other hand my kid does and I notice similarities in where we both at times get anxious beyond the norm

But no2 sounds very akin to when I had OCD badly - fearing something that hadn’t happened and living my life in a way I could prevent it from possibly happening

For me, I only beat it by remaining with the anxiety in small doses to start rather than resisting it completely and gradually increasing

Is there a safe setting you could expose yourself to more female company? Eg in a public place

I promise you, the majority of women have a hard time publicity accusing even those who have done them wrong… but I know that won’t be of great reassurance rn but maybe over time you’ll be able to prove to yourself it’s unlikely to be falsely accused by womankind

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There’s a difference between being autistic vs knowing some one with it.

Yes, there might be similarities, but there are still differences. One of which is that, in one form or another, this has happened to me. Plenty of times. Imagine going through your life with people getting mad or upset over something you’ve said or done that in your mind was completely innocuous. You don’t know why they’re mad about it, but they are. Adults get involved and you’re punished over something you don’t quite understand. Though, when you take offense to something someone has said or done to you, maliciously I might add, those same adults tell you to “Forgive them”. This leads to a traumatic event that you keep running through over and over with each breath. You become separated from your friends, forced to make new ones but you don’t have the skills to do so. And every time you even try, you’re told you have made someone feel uncomfortable and the whole childhood process happens again and again. You’re scared of said traumatic experience happening again. Then into adulthood, these experiences solidify in depression and you cannot perceive a world beyond it. You become more aware of social issues and this makes you realize the scale of what could potentially happen to you. Over this span of experiences, your interest in the occult evolves. First, it’s a way to explore a world that fascinates you. Then you think it may potentially help with your success in this one. Afterwards you feel like you are not equipped to deal with this world and the occult may very well be your only advantage. And finally, you think this world just doesn’t welcome you, and you think that all you can do is use the occult to leave it behind and find a new one.

In all seriousness, no. Where there’s a woman, there’s a chance to be taken and perceived in the wrong way. And I’m not the only one who thinks this.

It’s…complicated. I guess it depends on factors like who’s the accused, who’s the accuser, who’s the judge, and the general culture, beliefs, and sentiment of the town/environment. I won’t go into details about false rape accusations and how they ruin people’s life, because I understand that rape does ruin people’s lives too. I have had a friend in college who was raped, and has periodical nightmares of it. She’s still alive and happily married. Though, I also had a friend in high school who some girls accused him of rape. They admitted it to be false, but they destroyed his future. He took his own life soon after because he thought he could never recover.

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I recommend The Satanic Witch or What to do When Virtue Fails by Anton LaVey, but I always do, don’t I? And I recommend it for so many reasons. Not just to you, Johnny Samhain (pronounced Sowen)


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You’ve been failed by society which has destroyed the old conventions by which people, for the most part, knew what was flirting and what wasn’t, so you’re not at fault here, I want to say that before the rest of my reply:

If “I want to fuck you” is foremost in your mind when meeting women, and if you start having genuine feelings for any woman who shows you the slightest consideration or connection, you’re at more risk than if you can withdraw from that kind of neediness, and start valuing yourself a bit higher.

I know that’s easy to say and harder to do, but if your basic intention in every interaction is the same thing (unless the woman is highly unattractive), that’s what you need to master.

Only when you can value yourself and do without female attention, will you be able to attract the right lady. That which we constantly crave masters us and leaves us like driftwood on its tides.


I have a master’s degree in Legal Studies. Its great if you want to stay in an intellectual space and stay in a detached place to relate to people from. It’s hard to get a job in the field unless you are willing to go all the way to get a law degree. About 8 years of college. It’s a ton of work. Once you do all that schooling you still have to sit for the bar exam in the state where you wish to practice. If you want to move to another state you usually need to take the bar exam there.

Lucifuge and Athena are the two deities I’d suggest working with.


Actually, my overall intention is to just have a good time with people. Yes, there is a bit of a need to get laid, but it’s not the main thing.

autism isn’t such a big thing, with practice you can become a good speaker and good eye contact and all that. Are you interested in becoming a lawyer? It’s a damn good profession, good paying, and if you are into arguments and logic and stuff, you’ll probably enjoy it.

No, this is more for self security issues.

I can’t really help you here. I don’t have much knowledge on Autism. Sorry.

I know this feeling. Provided you don’t have problems with seizures or epilepsy, maybe try out a subliminal and work on Charisma.

You can apply at a college provided you make the grades.

Athena, Zeus, Indra and Yama, deities who rule over Saturn, Themis, Ares, Maat, Tyr and several others.

You are too nice and probably too loving as you care what other people think about you. The trick is to do your stuff without thinking about the others. It’s a blessing if the difficult ones dissapear from your sight but the right ones will remain and stand by you.
Look a lot of Films about alpha males and read books about. They do only what they want and mostly none is cool with it but have to accept it

And in magic i would say Baal is the Best for this issue and Gods: Zeus and Pan