I might have been a man in my past life?

This has been bothering me for the past few weeks while I started researching about reincarnation and I thought it would be a great idea who I’ve might of been? I know this sounds crazy but maybe I channelled my physic energy (without realising) to see pictures of my past life. These images would flash in front my eyes as if I’m looking at somebody else’s photo album that belonged to that person I am seeing? I’m really confused. I mean I have no recollection of my past life before. :confused: But I always wondered maybe they are telling me something? I want to find out more. I know it’s way of tapping into my present life. I mean this morning I woke up kind of disturbed by those flashing images I’ve seen in my dreams too.

One time I had group sessions with other people around my age and this guy walks into the room. And I don’t know why but I had a deep hatred for him even though I’m never like that with anyone and it made feel guilty for hating him like that. Like seriously I haven’t met him before but it was like a warning to stay away from him. Maybe he could’ve of been my past enemies?

More Detailed Info:

  • They’re black and white photographs of a Caucasian man wearing 1920s 1930s 1940s clothing consisting of a suit, white shirt, tie underneath the jacket and fedora hat on his head. These images flash in front of my mind.
  • Sometimes I see a little boy next to this man kneeling next to him or picking up the kid in his arms, could it be his son or little brother?

My behaviours from past and present, likes, dislikes and fears, illnesses/disabilities I have:

  • Introverted I use to be kind of Extroverted when I was younger
  • I was a huge Tomboy when I was a child
  • I use to think I was boy when I was a child too (no I’m not transgendered)
  • I’m interested in war history usually ww2 and early 20th century history and other specific time periods
  • I wasn’t close to my mum when I was younger but I was with my dad
  • I’m very sarcastic, I have a short temper, I have boyish personality I guess
  • I like reading especially newspapers, historical books and writing
  • I don’t like coffee but I love Italian food :joy:
  • I’m prone to getting headaches, stomach aches, I have problems walking (my knees and bottom calves hurt the most) even though I’m a healthy person, I suffer from allergies and eczema.
  • I have dyslexia and dyscalculia (I don’t if this has anything to do with it but I’m putting it out there anyway)
  • I am scared of heights, fire and darkness
  • My 5 senses are very sensitive too
  • I hate politics, injustice and conflict, people
  • I have weird feeling I could of been American and I don’t know why :thinking:
  • I had a obsession with America when I was younger :sweat_smile: and I now really like Japan (no I’m not a Weeb :rage:)

I have read on another internet source that a person who been burnt in their previous life could suffer from skin problems like eczema, dermatitis etc? And your fears could also persist in each life as you reincarnate into someone else? Can someone please shed some light on this. Thanks for reading I will inform you all if I see anything else.

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Its cool to be a man, believe me, as long as you don’t get kicked in the balls!


Hahaha :joy:

Or accused for rape when you tryin to give a bitch CPR :joy:


It’s not uncommon to switch sexes between lives. I’ve been male more than once, but I tend to gravitate towards female bodies when the social atmosphere is correct for it. I’m pretty sure my spirit likes being female - or is female or whatever it doesn’t matter (I think it’s silly to overthink it when it is what it is) - and male bodies don’t last long when I own 'em. They just don’t.

So yeah, you could have been a guy. You could also have been a woman who was a bit more tomboyish - check your history. It’s not that uncommon. Women warriors have happened over and over again. Find out about the scores of women who fought in the civil war as men, for example. Drives me nuts that folks overlook this simple fact of life. Sometimes there are women who just prefer to hunt over raising wee bairns, and they’re quite good at it.

You could also have been a dog, a cat, really anything. One of my favorite PL memories is when I was a hound. I was very. very. VERY proud of my job: guarding the eggs. Which I’m assuming means there was a chicken coop somewhere around. Good life. Peaceful. Loved my partner. Loved everything. Loved my job. Really, when things are good for a dog they’re so happy it brings tears to your eyes. LOL!


How do I check my history? I probably have to do a past life regression? And that’s expensive. No I do feel this masculine energy inside me explains why was a tomboy. I never saw myself as a girl.

Well you are what you are.

Past life regressions are good. There’s also a guided meditation technique you can look up. Or you can do that technique by yourself. I was raised dealing with reincarnation so for me things are a bit looser and now I have the astral version of alzheimer’s (funny but not really), so when it comes to formal techniques I’m not very good.

You can try the dream technique. You do a meditation/self hypnosis before bed so you can relive and dream things.

Just always remember - just because you read it in a book or story and you relate to it doesn’t mean it’s your past life. Rule #1 !!!

Rule #2: Keep your emotions in check. You are watching a movie. You are not actually still there, and just because you remember so and so was a jerk doesn’t mean you two never resolved it later. So no acting on PL grudges unless you want to pay a very high price.

Rule #3: DO NOT EVER FORCE IT. You WILL be putting yourself as extreme risk of a nervous breakdown if you do. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

And the most important thing to know: Human memory is fallible. It’s been scientifically proven. It’s just how we work. Human memory also likes to make stuff up. So you must question and double check ever single bit of information you think you recover.

It’s a slow process when done correctly. You’ll have to be patient.