I met someone who I have seen in my vision

In my introduction I told you about dreams I had been having. I told you about an entity I saw and how I didn’t know who he was. I was wrong somehow, he was not a demon, but rather a human. I met him the other day. A friend called me on the phone asking me to come over to his house. He said there was someone I had to meet. I went over to his house and he introduced me to a friend of his. When I saw him I was shocked because he looked just like a younger version of the “demon” I had saw in previous dreams. At first I thought it was merely coincidence, until he began to speak, I instantly knew by the way he talked and his personality that he was the same person that I saw in the dream. The only difference is that he is younger. What is spooky is he was born on the exact same day I was.
I was rather hesitant to tell him about the dreams. We sat and talked about different things. During the conversation my friend began talking about Asmodues. He started smiling during our conversation. He began correcting my friend on is view of Asmodues. I asked him why he knew soo much about Asmodues, he claims that their mind is interwoven in some way. He rambled about how he had seen Asmodues in dreams, how he would play out the memories in the dream as if he was Asmodues. He would learn certain things from the dreams. How to kill, how to get rid of emotions, how to create a weakness in someone and make them self destruct. I was impresses but still possessed doubt, after all, how many people do we know that brag about being followers of Asmodues. I asked him a question, it referred to a certain point in Asmodues existence. One which I had seen. I was astonished that he answered correctly. I am certain there is no way he could have known unless he had seen the same thing himself. He doesn’t know anything about other entities like I do. However, his knowledge of Asmodues is far greater than mine. I have asked him to join the forum. He said he would later today. We are meeting at a library where he teaches chess. I will have him join and introduce himself.

 I was wondering what it means. Is it possible for an entity like Asmodues  to chose someone? And why would I dream about him and then meet him? Also, are the birthdays just random chance? Any help would be great Thanks

Are you male or female?