I met Nyx?

In the day I met the Greek God of Death who I apologize too as I’m probably going to type his name wrong, Thathanos. He and I spoke briefly but his energy wasn’t as death as I expected. In fact he was much kinder than one would think and had a vibe similar to AA Azrael.

Fast foward to the night, Nyx came to me and we spoke for a while. I’ll tell you the truth, she terrified me. This is one powerful Goddess and one who’s vibe makes it known that she can kill you. She however is direct and actually a sweeter Goddess than I expected though I believe it’s because I spoke to her son. She told me that I don’t have to work with the Primordials but she came to give me advice. I saw the color purple alot.

What were your experiences with them?


never worked with Nyx, worked briefly very quickly with Azrael once

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This one sounds intense. I hope you have a mentor to help you through it

The first encounter I had with Nyx was when I was trying to figure out who was calling to me. It led me to start evoking. I knew the signature of the Goddess, but not the name. I had it narrowed down to three - Hecate, Nyx, and Persephone.

It ended up being Hecate, but I was struck by Nyx’s chaotic, dark energy coming through. She felt old, very powerful, and you knew that she either “liked” you or she didn’t. There wasn’t anything in between during that experience.

I called upon her again, a month later, to experience her energy again, but was told it wasn’t time and that I needed to do more work in other areas. It was said kindly, genuinely, and I was told I can call upon her for help, if needed. My studies haven’t led me back to her yet, but I suspect they will at some point.


Name’s Thanatos. Nice experience tho. I want to find some information about Nyx and yet I only manage to find the basics.

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Nyx is a great Goddess lol, a bit tricky but she means well lol. In my experience she views other creatures as “babies that need guidance” but also in a way she can use but it doesn’t seem so bad since she also really good at aiding a person in getting what they want but she also gets what she wants lol.

She helped me in a handful of things, there was also a time I was experimenting with dark energy not infernal dark energy (which is watered down energy from Nyx) I wanted to experiment with the pure primordial darkness of her’s and she let me, she didnt really warn me when I went overboard lmao but she helped me greatly when I wanted it gone and in turn helped me on the road to finding my true self and my connection to her and various other primordials.