I met another idiot

Actually I know I dm’d people this but I want to hear this from all of you😂

Hey I need your advice someone is claiming to be this Basilican god abaraxas or be apart of him which is beyond dumb and for no reason he’s challenging lucifer and the the other 8 gatekeepers you think just by his words or instigation anything is going to happen to him or if anything these gate keepers would roll there eyes…cause I’m sure they heard it all

Like I’m sure they heard all the bullshit in the book before😂

Last kid I ran into claimed to be a physically visible demon wondering the earth

What are your thoughts on what you think happens to people like this who threaten and challenge these gatekeepers?

My thought is they ignore the talk until they see the idiot try to do the walk

Just ignore him. There are lots of people like that.

I see, like I said I’m sure these gatekeepers heard it all

I’m also guessing these beings obviously won’t do anything until the person actually attempts to follow through

Sure. But it’s not your problem. And the Gatekeepers can handle themselves, they don’t need us to settle their problems for them.


Oh no ofc I was just curious if they handle these types of situations, or they just roll there eyes😂

Or completely ignore

Now my third eye hurts so maybe he is trying something, makes me want to go vampire on the fucker now

It depends. If the person is a nuisance, they’ll either attack them or ignore them. But if they are seen as a genuine threat, they attack.

Well ants don’t threaten me so😂

Like I said, just ignore him.

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My third eye is literally hurting tho o feel I’m under attack now😂

Take some rest, don’t overwork your 3rd eye.


I feel he’s attacking it😂

Then shield.


I did but it still hurts so now I feel I should retaliate but idk lol

Lucifer just told me don’t even bother

He’s also threatening to cause death on me which doesn’t bother me but thought I’d put it out there😂

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It hurts because you overused it lol nothing to do with being attacked. Just quit using it for a while.

Wise words! You should follow them.


Exactly. I used to talk to a boy who is very similar to the person you described. You can’t do anything about those people. They learn from experience, not from lessons.

He pissed off Michael too so 🤷‍♀


I see, I would take his energy for the hell of it but I’m not a needy parasite even tho connor Kendall says it’s a predatory tool

Plus I’m not an ass hole

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Vampyrism has nothing to do with being a parasite. It is an excellent tool. Personally, it’s a great way to work with energy. It’s more than just feeding.

You can vamp negative energy out of someone. I’ve vamped someone’s cords to clean them to connect to their higher self better.


Honestly you know what all this reminds me of, when a little kid is trying to run to you but u have ur hand on his forehead lol


You really need to calm down about this guy. If he’s going to try and attack them then let him. Ultimately, this is between him and the Gatekeepers; it doesn’t concern you. Just go about your life and let things take its natural course.