I messed up...please help

please help i don’t know what to do, ritual or spirit anything that will help quickly i messed up big time i’m even thinking about suicide i don’t even know what to do but there’s so much drama in my life right now i just need it all to somehow get fixed i can’t even say what it is there’s just so much going wrong i have lost hope

How can anyone help if we don’t know what’s wrong?

everything is. i can’t tackle one problem i feel like because it feels like i need to do magick for everything or just kill myself basically i don’t even know i am overwhelmed

The curse that was on you is broke. Chill, take a bubble bath, get back into gear.
Kick some ass, you got this.
Call on Kali
Your welcome


what do you mean curse? :sob::sob::sob: sorry i am just so fucking confused and mad right now please just be clear

The moment when you say “Everything is wrong” then you should look into yourself first.

If you want, write me a PM and tell me everything what hurts you. About your problems and your condition, feelings. I must finish something important and then I can help you maybe.

If your mind not clear, your magick can’t be perfect and effective either. So if that would be a failure again, welp…

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Quite simply

Somebody cursed you.
No I don’t know who

What you are experiencing is a very common sign/symptom of it.

I saw your post, saw the curse, took action to break it. :ok_hand:
The confusion will disappear shortly


what are you sure? that’s so weird can i pm you :weary:

Hell no I’m not sure lol
But I’m not doubting either

Yeah sure pm me