I Merged My Consciousness With The Consciousness Of Lucifer

1 month and 2 weeks ago Kurtis Joseph did a ritual for me to merge my consciousness with the consciousness of Lucifer (The Red Dragon). Since then I have had challenges and I have changed, in his message to me that Kurtis received in the ritual, he said: “Do not doubt, do not question the power which will befall upon you”. I was given exercises to practice to strengthen my connection to him and receive messages in the form of symbols. Kurtis told me to let my imagination fill in the gaps, since doing the exercise I have seen many things which I looked up as dream symbols and I try to figure out which one of these symbols were actual messages from him and which ones were purely from my imagination and had nothing to do with him. When I look up these symbols on google a lot of different answers suddenly appear, many different websites with many different interpretations of the same symbol, how do I know which one of these interpretations of the symbol he meant as a message? If it was even from him in the first place and not from my imagination only. The communication is obviously very limited when it comes to translating symbols because there might not be someone who interpreted that symbol in the exact way he meant his message, and for example, what if only parts of the message were from him and the rest of it was not significant, how can I know for sure? Also, how is it possible to tell whether the message was from him or not? What could he mean by what he told me? The whole merging process is supposed to take 3 months and it has been approximately 1 and a half month now and no strong results yet and I barely seem to be making any progress, so how can I not doubt or question that I will have the power he speaks of? Why should I not question it if there are no signs of it? Has anyone else done this before and what were your experiences? What advice do you have for me?


That’s some good workings, if done correctly, they could prove powerful.

One person who has done the same and is very connected with Lucifer is @C.Kendall


In my experience for the most part if you asking whether or not it was your own mind, it was not just my own mind, but messages meant to be recieved and decoded if you will.

Here’s the deal my friend, Lucifer is the consciousness of the universe it’s self. Your merging is not you merging with an external separate entity but more becoming aware of what is and always has been within you, part of you, the material your own consciousness is made of and the realm it exists within. The messages symbols and dreams you have are your own subconscious relaying messages from the higher universal consciousness in the way it best knows how to communicate. Your own intuition is your guide to understanding it and the symbols will be relevant to the situation of the moment. You must observe diligently and learn from experience to gain the insights.


Key word intuition, yes


I would suggest that you take a moment to center yourself and try to look at the symbols from a more clam place. Your intuition is probably quiet and hard to listen for with all that rattling around in your mind.

Any progress? Have you gotten more of his knowledge and signs yet?


He has been guiding me from inside and teaching me in strange ways, but yes I am making progress. He reveals what steps I need to take, I have also changed incredibly much since it happened I am no longer even close to what I used to be.


In terms of personality or character what has changed for you if you’re comfortable sharing?