I may have started a war

A couple days ago, on the 23rd; I got extremely trashed and texted Dark Horrible things to my ex girlfriend.

Things that I have been keeping to myself.
That she slept with A few of my friends and that I knew about her getting an abortion.
She in fact told me, she just doesn’t remember doing it.
Then I texted how she was pathetic and that she should just die.

The worst things I said were “die bitch” and “instead of choosing truth; you choose rape”.
Also some mumbled rants about Abyzou and Lamashtu.

Well now she is convinced that Abyzou told me those things and that I sent it after her.
That I’m losing my mind and that I’m a danger to everyone around me.
Threatening to call the cops on me.
I apologized and assured her that I will never call or harass her again.

She is a witch and has a lot of occultists buddies, mainly the OTO.

I realize what I did was vulgar and wrong but now I’m more concerned with a war I never intended to start.

Any thoughts on protecting oneself.

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Call the Angel of Peace (use that title) and ask the Angel to make you a harmless fool in their eyes, that they may not rise up against you to strike you down or seek vengeance.


Muriel is the angels name if I am correct.


If you want to go lady evas route also evoke a god of death to cover you from their sight.

Or if you want to fight em I would personally start by binding or making deals with all guardians of their group, they’re all in the same lodge of the OTO I imagine?

If so just target that specific lodge and blast their patterns with everything you can think of.


Ya I’d be worried about this too.
Never do this to Spirits lol.
I’d evoke them with offerings and apologize, just to keep things good between you guys.

Also if she’s an ex, walk away, just erase her from your current life.


Not for nothing, this is a classic abuse tactic.

She’s probably not at all convinced you’re losing your mind but she’s telling you and her friends this to undermine you, remove your credibility (what did you say but the truth anyway) and make sure nobody in your circle will be on your side.

The victims of narcissists are usually told they’re the crazy ones, and that they’re the abusers and that the cops will be called on them - when they crack under the unfair treatment and try to stand up for themselves… it happens over and over again.

Dude, this person is toxic and is crazy-making - on purpose I think - get them the fuck out of your life, asap, lose her number, block her everywhere.

It’s not even that she don’t deserve you, thing is, it can only get worse from here. You apologised - you rolled over, and that means she can play with you all day and you’ll keep apologizing for the shit she puts you through, don’t think she doesn’t know what she’s doing.


I would just apologize dawg. Believe me coming from a 19yr carribean/Choctaw teen that was born into the occult u don’t want to have a magical war because every side can and Will have casualties. If she already cursed you I would just try reversing the curse binding their Magick then doing a protection spell and make or buy a magical charm to avoid any other problems. Peace man. Good luck


A gang of occultists vs. you is not a war bro. And most narcissists are pathetic. They always have weird rules that nobody knows about but them–but they’ll still hold you to them. Retarded, four year old shit. So, there’s likely nothing you can say or do to change their confused little minds.

Get in good with those spirits you offended.


Another more I care to say dastardly way of solving this problem would be to instill great fear in these people. Personally, as a chaos magican I would invoke Slenderman as he’s an already pre established eregregore through creepypasta, and associated with instilling fear through hallucinatons, etc… But, anything asscoiated with fear could work as well. Arachne or Cthulu (If your feeling a little crazy) is two that I can think off of my head. But, anything really could work in this situation.

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In your experience how often does this work? I mean is it always if they offered him 5 of bowls food, I just have to offer 6 bowls? And isn’t some spirit/deity completely against betraying the one he/she has strong relation with?

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Everything has a price, it’s just that some are higher than others. So yeah, sometimes it doesn’t work or isn’t worth doing.

It’s rarely as simple as offering more than the other guys, the specifics of your and their relationships will be determined by how your energies happen to go together.

For example, the relationship between a mercurial-venusian girl and a goddess of sales would almost certainly be better than the relationship between a martian-plutonian man and the same goddess. No matter how many offerings or how long their relationship has lasted.

As for the 2nd part, usually happens if the spirit in question was created specifically for the purpose of serving that one individual, and the creator didn’t screw up when making it (happens more often than one would think) it’s possible.

But even then, just go to their bosses and handle it that way. There’s always a bigger fish.

And if it’s made to serve a group and not an individual, chances are it won’t provide much resistance if doing so would cause a larger portion of the group to be punished for it. And that’s not accounting for the individual(s) connection to the current in the first place.

Around 3-4/5 times it’s what I do assuming I don’t want to just take a fight.


I´d say go full on scorched earth on people. No mercy but not too much suffering either. Especially since we are talking about your ex and some exes never really learn anything, happens with men and women.

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I think you are spending too much time obsessing on your ex-girlfriend. She is just not worth it.

Wow, sounds just like my husband’s parents. He went through all that with them.

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You may be right.
After some time passed; I feel a lot better.
I had so much anxiety and stress built up.
I was really thinking that I may be crazy.
A lot of questioning my reality too.

I think this may have been a good thing all along.

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gerund or present participle: gaslighting

  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

If you feel like you’re going to be attacked, put nails and broken glass together in a jar filled with your urine and bury it on your property. It will break any curse targeted at you.