I May Have Accidentally Hurt Someone

Not sure, but here’s the situation.

There’s this guy I like, not a major heartbreaker type of crush I just think he’s really sexy and I like him but he is unhappily married and now has a one year old son. His wife is a controlling jealous bitch, very high maintenance and expensive to take care of and she doesn’t work because this guy makes a lot of money and she thinks she is too good to work, very snobby and conceited.

Getting rid of her is no problem for me because when I see a guy I like I have always been able to remove their excess baggage very easily, I have my ways. So anyway the wife is not a problem but now he has a child that he loves and his wife is one of those bitches that if I divorce them she would file for full custody and child support and only let him near his son when he gives her money. Now, if I did something so he could get full custody she would she still be tagging around all the time and complaining and his child would still be his top priority.

Now, I’m not a wicked stepmother kind of girl but I realize a man that loves his child is going to put that child first no matter what, and I cannot stand being second favorite. I am already subjected to favoritism by mom, she stated very clearly she loves my daughter and brothers more than me so I can’t bear the thought of being second anymore, my family makes me feel so unwanted so anyway, I just kept daydreaming and wishing he never had a child with her so they could break up and she wouldn’t have any reason to be tied down to him and hanging around all the time because she’s also the type of the girl that would start fights with me just because I’m dating her ex.

I never wished any harm on her and especially not on the child. I may wish that he never had a child so I could have a chance with him without having to deal with his excess baggage, but I would never intentionally harm a child. My daydreams were more like, what it would have been like if he never met her and got her pregnant, I was not imagining the child disappearing or anything. So then, after a few months of constant daydreaming about him without a child and without her, I find out his baby is dying of cancer. Stage 2 and progressing to stage 3 rapidly. Now I’m wondering if I had something to do with this? Because in the past, I have been able to do the opposite of the law of reversed effect and if I dwell on something 24/7 with a lot of happiness in my mind of how I would feel if I had whatever it is I’m dreaming of, it comes true a few months later. Never failed.

Like I said, I never once wished any harm on the child or the wife but the child was completely healthy then I start daydreaming about his father all the time and now he has cancer. Could I have done this on accident? Could my thoughts of lust for the little boys father have triggered an unintentional spell? Like I said, this has happened before quite a lot but usually I am thinking evil and mean thoughts about the person that is affected and I didn’t do that this time because I know the child did not choose to be born so I would never take out my feelings on a child, especially not a baby.

I think that when a child is in the picture, it should have top priority to the parent, but that doesn’t mean that the love interest is less important. You could never compete with parental love. It is by instinct. And there is differences between the love of a child and the love of a partner. Why not try to seperate these and see it through your own eyes of being a mother?

And I don’t think you should blame yourself of being a part of that childs cancer. Stage 3 seems like a long progress to reach to that point. Maybe even a bit longer since you took notice and interest of that guy?

Most of us want to be the center of interest when it comes to love, but sometimes the love of a child is the most important to put first and foremost. We could never compete to that kind of love, with a few exceptions to spiritual relationships.

Yes you did. Everything requires your attention to exist, the more attention you give something, the more related detail it creates, and strong emotions increase the effects of focused attention.

You’ve got your dude, basically a muse, who allows you to focus your attention beyond your current skill level with an emotional boost too. Spend all your time wishing the kid was gone, well there’s only so many ways someone can lose their kid, and I doubt any of them are good.

It was probably all for nothing too. While the loss of a child may very well end a relationship, odds are that woman was his “type”. I have an uncle who dates nothing but overbearing, controlling bitches.

Sucks having to be the only person to take responsibility for your focused attention.

I think it’s possible you were a part of this, yes - unfortunately accidents do happen and sometimes we’re not aware of the potential for a mishap.

I would advise doing a trance journey to that child’s Higher Self, and seeing if there is anything you need to do here, to clear it from your mond if it’s troubling you. Obviously do some divination first on this idea.

Death to us is a HUGE big deal, and his parents must be in hell right now, but spirits see things differently - as magicians we sometimes need a reminder of that when confronted by death, since we’re to some extent living in both worlds.

In my experience only the child’s HS can give you useful answers.

Hey, RavenAscent I may not be the most experienced magician but I think I have an advanced understanding of how perceptive reality works. IMO you may or may not be responsible that’s kind of up to you to decided after all this is your reality. The thing is if you feel like this would affect your person negatively in any way because of this child’s possible connection of cancer and your magic then change the reality. If you had the power to unintentionally give a child cancer then I’m sure you also have the power to intentionally restore the child.Plus even if you feel you 're not responsible, as a mother you probably would feel better at least trying to help this child. If not that his child being alive would greatly help his mood and you can work from their on pursuing a relationship of some sort. Death of a child normally means a lack of all love interest.

Hope it works out for you- Kane

Personally, I don’t really think you did in this case- because I believe it comes down to intention. I mean, if you were wishing harm on the child- then yes it would be blatantly obv-in that case.

I use this daydreaming technique all the time, and I’m always very aware of possible unwanted consequences. For that reason I’m always very specific about what it is I want. It sounds to me like it was the same in your case as you acknowledged the fact that you did not want to harm the child, and your daydreams specifically did NOT include thoughts about the child being harmed.

I mean, I agree that it is very coincidental that this has happened- but is there a possibility that you psychically picked up on the fact that he/she was ill, and this could have subconsciously triggered the thoughts about the baby being out of the picture in the first place?

This is JMO though based on my experiences with this method of ‘daydreaming’, so I could be wrong. If I were you I’d deffo do what Lady E has suggested just in case- then you’ll have the answer and a clearer conscience.

Well that’s pretty serious. I need to ask a few questions.

If you were only getting success in magic through spells, rituals or ceremonies then daydreaming probably didn’t do anything. If you raised and directing that energy, as you would during magic, while daydreaming then you probably did have an affect. So I have to ask, did you know for sure that that energy was built up? Did you send any messages to… whoever you wanted to work with? Like a demon, god or spirit?

There’s also the concept of divination to address. Have your psychic powers of being able to decern future events increased? Granted nothing is set in stone, but there ARE indicators of the most likely event that will take place if no change is given. Have to touched on the Akashic record at all? Do you know what that is?

If you’re serious, ask one of the angels, like Gabriel (associating with water, water being a usual sphere of childbearing and childhood). Raphael (associated with healing and knowledge of diseases, like cancer) or Tzadkiel, the Justice of God, who would know if a decision was passed or not and therefore retribution or adjustments would be made- legal matters can get more complex, but I’d imagine he’s a bit better in knowing the cosmic flow of that karma.

If you were just, and only fully knowing that it was daydreaming, then you’re probably good. Of course, working with magic does attract the attention of other entities as well- things whom you may not know of that want you- for a lack of better wording.

I wish you the best of luck

Hang on a minute, I’m an accomplished magician and killing someone on purpose is a MASSIVE accomplishment and requires a huge energetic investment!

Now, if you turned around and basically healed this kid as quickly as his cancer came about (and, if you don’t think it’s possible to cure cancer with magic alone, then why would you think you could possibly have CAUSED the cancer with just daydreaming, alone?)… rememember, daydreaming is basically just causing a few coincidences to happen in a particular order like “hey wouldn’t it be cool if…” and the next thing you know, there’s twenty bucks in the street.

When was the last time(s) you really wanted someone to die, then wished for it, and ritualised for it, and pleaded with demons (or even lots of demons, as in my case) to murder the deserving son of a bich, only to have absolutely nothing happen? There’s no way that a simple daydream about something unrelated (i.e, having this guy to yourself, not necessarily the straight-up death of his child) could have led to a late-stage 2 cancer (which isn’t so big a deal in the world of oncology, btw… at least not until it gets to moderate stage 3, and it depends on what kind of cancers we’re talking about, too).

Now, that’s not to say you didn’t “support” the effect, in that if you find someone who’s already ill and wish even-worse upon them, then inertia’s already going that way, you know what mean? But hell, if you could kill people with a daydream, now only would I have a body count that would make Hitler look like a semitophilic pacifist, but I’d actually hire you to assassinate me by daydream.

I’m not at all joking with you, but I so-don’t-believe that you had anything to do with it, I may as well tempt jehova to strike me dead by lightning, drive-by, or hell even “daydream”, because it just simply isn’t possible.

The idea of cause-and-effect may make it look like it’s related, but there’s a logical fallacy there, the name of which escapes me at present (…sorry about that).

But seriously, if you could kill with a random thought, i would employ you to assassinate me, so let me know how that pans out. If it’s any consolation, you can have your way with me first (…whatever you see fit for that to involve, LOL:)



I believe you mean “Akashic”, not “Asakic”.


[quote=“tiberius_james, post:9, topic:6680”]@Kenneth

I believe you mean “Akashic”, not “Asakic”.


Thanks for the catch, I’ll have to fix it.

Cancer is caused by a tiny alteration in the function of some cells, it’s like a tiny thing that snowballs - starting something like that is FAR easier than reversing it, especially once it’s been observed by other people. It’s like one carelessly dropped match can set an entire forest on fire, and almost immediately that tiny action becomes impossible to reverse by the same single hand that caused it.

I’m NOT making a case that you definitely did do this of course, just commenting in general.

It’s difficult to do on purpose. For any magical work, I think most would agree you want to be focused, with no distractions, stray thoughts or doubts. Not easy to make that happen reliably like flipping a switch.

Sometimes it happens on it’s own as a result of random circumstances. If you’ve ever been obsessive over anything, you know that’s some top notch unwaivering focus. Most people are lucky if they can achieve that in their magical work.

There is a direct correlation between what you focus your attention on and what manifests around you. The only reason more people don’t make that connection is because the tendency is to focus on the negative, and they can’t bear to take responsibility for all the bad shit they’ve caused.

You obviously feel like you have something to do with it otherwise you wouldn’t wonder about it. The more important question is - how does this situation makes you feel about the man? Does this make you want him less? Does it make you want to take a step back? How does this influence YOU?

The morality play of black magicians? If you did it, so what…

Trying too hard to be “evil” is morality-enslavement too, you know. She wants what she wants. I doubt the flippancy with which you regard someone’s consideration of responsibility over taking a life stems from being some kind hard, death-dealing motherfucker but whatever the case, make sure any comments are actually helpful.

What you just posted has come the closest to an unqualified morality statement in the entire thread, and white lighters aren’t the only ones capable of being hypocrites.

There is no law that says a black magician has to be uncaring when the need arises. Well I have wished bad things on people before and it happened with no spells, and have also not actually wished things but just got mad at someone and screamed “I hope you…whatever” and they ended up having something bad happen to them when I really didn’t mean what I said, I was just angry that day. I think most of us have yelled things we didn’t really mean deep down because our limits were tested too much.

So in this case I was just wondering if it were possible when a person is not directing any negative thoughts a person’s way. I never claimed to be some big bad ass magician that can do anything I want, was just asking of possibilities. Now, this guy we don’t have a relationship, no sneaking off behind his wife’s back or anything. The thoughts I have about him are strictly lustful and sexual, we haven’t even had time to get together and date to see how a relationship would actually work out because his wife is always watching his every move, especially with me because we used to be friends in high school and hooked up a few times but no actual dating because we were kids back then and neither one of us was ready for a committed relationship.

But he has been trying to get rid of this woman for the last few years and she suddenly gets pregnant when it came time to finalize the divorce papers so he calls the whole thing off because he said he figured if he divorced her she’d fuck up his life and force child support but if he stayed with her, maybe he could avoid all that and hopefully get her to change her attitude. But she never did, so he has been stuck with her and yes, she’s one of those bitches that supposedly on birth control when she got pregnant. We both know she did that on purpose to keep him around.

But this guy is a friend and we have hooked up a few times and he expressed interest in that happening again recently but I told him no, because I wasn’t going to risk getting caught up in any drama BS. I really don’t care what his wife thinks, but she is a major drama queen and I don’t need that crap in my life right now, it’s peaceful right now. He told me recently he wants her gone for good but can’t figure out how to make her leave without her taking everything from him. But as for the child thing, I have been daydreaming off and on of this guy for the last few years and his child started getting sick around that time.

This has actually been going on for a few years now, I didn’t just recently start daydreaming. And like I said, this is not lovey dovey daydreams this is strictly fantasy porn style daydream because this guy is very attractive and good in bed. So honestly I don’t even want a real relationship, we just were friends with benefits for a while at one point in the past because neither one of us wanted a lock down relationship and we knew we were both disease free and clean so it was sort of like we were dating but without all the BS.

All I was dreaming about was adult things and only picturing me and him because who would want to fantasize about a guy and picture his wife in the living room and his toddler in the crib next to them? No one would, it’s called a fantasy for a reason because they are not based on reality, unless you have some sort of fetish for that type of thing. Just because I asked about possibilities doesn’t mean I am crying over here or something, I just thought it was odd and was curious. Why do people in black magic forums always have to speculate and make assumptions? Why can’t they just answer a question or ignore it if they find it annoying? Certain people always have to say something rude or accusatory.

[quote=“Claidheam, post:15, topic:6680”]Trying too hard to be “evil” is morality-enslavement too, you know. She wants what she wants. I doubt the flippancy with which you regard someone’s consideration of responsibility over taking a life stems from being some kind hard, death-dealing motherfucker but whatever the case, make sure any comments are actually helpful.

What you just posted has come the closest to an unqualified morality statement in the entire thread, and white lighters aren’t the only ones capable of being hypocrites.[/quote]

People think human life means so much, when in fact, it means very little. It does not matter what age it is.

I have no care about being evil or good, or any other box you like to put yourselves into.

RavensAscent, I am sure you don’t want to the kid to die …
Well I mean I wouldn’t.

Why not call on Raphael to help out?

Then if you really want this guy, you could do something to remove this bitch from the picture.

A question you should ask yourself is, how sure are you this guy will be with you the way you him to once the necessary situation comes into being.

If by chance you did have something to do with this, I don’t see this playing out well.
I say that because sometimes what happens if people ask for something, people get hurt and then in the end they don’t end up getting what they want.
Or they realize they don’t really want what they thought they wanted.

You did it. I believe you and I know what you are taking about. I once “accidentally” broke a colleague’s arm just by the thought of it considering it would be for my own benefit.
You could reverse the outcome if you want but you’re gonna have to try much harder because your feelings and emotions are not deep and strong as before.
But my main concern here, and excuse me if I’m taking this thread out of its point, how to protect yourself from unintentionally malicious thoughts and desires by others because I’ve seen it happens many times before and it’s very powerful but I’m still trying to figure out the lows behind and the rules that control it.

[quote=“DGLN, post:17, topic:6680”][quote=“Claidheam, post:15, topic:6680”]Trying too hard to be “evil” is morality-enslavement too, you know. She wants what she wants. I doubt the flippancy with which you regard someone’s consideration of responsibility over taking a life stems from being some kind hard, death-dealing motherfucker but whatever the case, make sure any comments are actually helpful.

What you just posted has come the closest to an unqualified morality statement in the entire thread, and white lighters aren’t the only ones capable of being hypocrites.[/quote]

People think human life means so much, when in fact, it means very little. It does not matter what age it is.

I have no care about being evil or good, or any other box you like to put yourselves into.[/quote]

hat’s very cool and edgy, but you talk an awful lot to be a killer yourself.

I don’t dæmonize killing, actually war and violence are sacred to me: and that’s why I don’t enact them flippantly.

You do you, but that act of doing is the only thing that’s important when it comes to dealing death. Talking about it is ludicrous, and almost always it is -only- talk.

To the OP, sorry for the slight off topic there. I could only recommend doing away with the uncertainty through a good divination?