I made a mistake. How to recast spell again?

I made a mistake of my target’s name.In her country the spelling of her name is so different. Also my target’s country alphabet is not Roman alphabet… should I throw all away the indigence? I did obsession and love spell. How should I recast spell?

Fix the mistakes and do it again? :smiley:

Isn’t it not a good time if the Moon phase is not full moon? It’s Waning Gibbous moon in here in Asia.

also my main problem if I what alphabet should I use like for example her name is Natalia in Russian it is “Наталия” (Nataliya)

I would use her name in Russian.I dont know how much would it effect if you dont.

I dont care about moon phases.Of course your spell may require it.

I think the intention is what counts

I dont think the spelling (in what language its spelled in) matters, If your intent is on her that is all that matters.