I made a dumb decision to evoke an entity for power and now i have too much power i cant control

I cant control my self magickally and need effective techniques to give me control over all this power

Give art a shot. It’s a great way to use power. I’ve had awesome results grounding myself by just throwing some paint on paper, while seeing energy flow.


Eat a heavy meal and ground yourself.


hey why not ill give it a shot

ill try eating some more then grounding

What is happening magickally that has you feeling you cannot control yourself?

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i am attacking others accidentally

meditate and try to keep yourself calm


Attacking others how?

spiritually attacking them

I already knew that, but how are you doing that?

i vampyrize people and every sound i make is attacking people and also it feels like a stinging sharp burning sensation that feels like it is hurting other people

I had a friend like this, his energy attacked others due to it following his emotions, so he had to get better hand on his emotions and how he reacted then work on his energy manipulation.

So find what caused yours and the common issue and occurrence when others are attacked and go from there.


If you are using tendrils to vampirize someone, you’re in luck because I had that problem.

Stop everything your doing, stop moving, etc. Let your arms fall to your side, relax your shoulders, etc. Let there be no strain. These are apart of you. Therefore you have ultimate authority over them. Take a deep breath and relax. Feel the expansion and contraction of your ribcage as you breathe. Visualize your aura and tendrils. Pull them back into your aura. Keep them there. Visualize the flow of their energies into you, stopping. Keep doing that until you feel it is resolved.


that makes sense because when i have strong emotions about something it happens

In that case, you’ll want to explore that. However, the bottom line is exercising self control and learning to control those reactions. That is what separates a true predator, from a rampaging ape.

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do you think it is my tendrils that are making these attacks

@Asorotiath 's tendrils= @Asorotiath.

There is no separation here. It ultimately boils down to you.

well i still am vamyrizing people unintentionally

I can try helping you through a voice-call, if you’re up for it though