I made a batch of 3 Servitors. Feedback Requested

What happened to johnny-boy’s arm, or is it a protective glove and armor?

thank you for sharing.

I created him to be able to interface with technology as well as his natural skills. He is biomechanical in this way. The tech in one of his arms is exposed to allow easier access to more outdated systems, along with adding a sort of multi-tool functionality due to its ability to reconfigure into many different tools and weapons.

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any chance he could teach me about this computer system I am using for work?

I feel their quite warm, and if I ever ask for their help I will definitely give you feedback


He could help guide you through learning it and make it easier to use the system, yes.

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I really felt Lucy’s energy when I called on her. I just did a TGS (scrying) her sigil and I felt a strong vibration from her. I said out loud what I needed and thanked her.

Can I ask what software did you use to model them and create their sigils?

Thank you.


I just had a profile on the software reach out to me named “Johnny” I see the synchronicity, and hope to ask all three for their help.

Thank you Johnny-boy

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Feel free to seek their help in the future as well, I am proud that they are already becoming so proactive.


I used HeroForge for the 3D models, Medibang Paint Pro for drawing the sigil and putting together the info cards.

I am glad they are being so proactive. This is great!!!


I want to thank everyone who is working with my servitors or giving my servitors tasks! I am overjoyed with their accelerated growth and I can assure you, each one of you has helped in their growth via involving them, working with them, or even just giving them a look over! Thank you all so much! I do hope they continue to be able to help others and I hope you all continue to allow them to help you and others as well.