I made a bad thing

About 1 year ago, when I didn’t know so much about demons I tried to make a pact with Belial and Lucifer. Not written, I only said my desires loud. Nothing happened. And I activated their sigils with blood.
But I didn’t respect my “part” of pact, who probably wasn’t cleary established.
Now I work with Azazel and I see the true power of the demons and I am a little scared of my past pacts. What should I do?

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Did you get what you asked? If not, it doesn’t seem like they heard you, mate. You should be fine.

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Not really

Then don’t worry.

I have learned it’s pretty common to fail at this things when you’re starting.

Your time will come.

Simply ask. A spirit that does not pay their due shall not hold theirs.

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But a real pact not should be written with a signature in blood?

Not necessary.

A pact is made in the heart. If you broke it, your heart wasn’t in it in the first place, or you lost heart and that broke the circuit. This would cause there to be no pact-based flow of energy to manifest what you wanted.
If you set no intention on consequences, the consequence is usually that nothing happens.


I agree with some on here but everyone’s experience is different. Depending on who you made a pact with and how big or deep the pact was. For example, I know someone that made a pact with King Paimon to give him a offering on a curten day in exchange for him to help her with her music. Well she didn’t give him an offering on that day. At first nothing happened but then two days later her guitar that she was mostly using for her music broke randomly. She then understood what has happened and not only gave him a good offering but apologized. They are now on good terms and he is helping her still. Iv heard of some braking pacts and it just made who ever it was just leave them as they are and the consequences to them to deal with on their own. Some I have heard, such as my friend, having physical things occur because of this. I nearly broke a pact once (maybe I have but don’t realize it??:woman_shrugging:t2:) but what I felt was a extreme heaviness in the room and a very very unhappy beings. But I got it straitened out and everything is good now.

So my experience, set a time you can be quite. Get their favorite offering or give them something special from the heart. Call upon them and explain to them what happened and why. Apologies to them with a sincere heart and talk to them, if you desire, to see if you can mend the relationship between you and establish a fresh start. Normally, no matter how angry they may have been at first, unless you really did something to piss them off, they forgive you. But some may want proof that you mean what you mean. Just like any of us that had a friend that broke their promise, we loose a little trust in them but with time, it’s built back up even so at times stronger and better relationships are formed. (Not saying you should do this on purpose because yeah that’s not going to end well) But when it does happen to the best of us, we learn from that experience and come to a realization and understanding of not just our flaws but how it takes courage and strength to go up to that person and basically say “Ok…I fucked up. I want to apologize to you. How can I mend our relationship?”

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Pacts are always written and with signature. One from the magician and one channelled from the called spirit. Without both there is no pact. Except if maybe the pact paper got some colours or forms and shapes which are first unexplainable but maybe is the signature of the spirit.