I’m so new and making a lot of contact


There are most likely dozens of entities trying to hang out and it’s a troubling problem to have. Especially since at least one likes to hypnotize me and my girlfriend and my cat. Also I’ve seen a lot of spirits all over. One I stared at for thirty minutes as he stared back at 3am. At a laundromat. I just want to find out how to have energy without literally being a psychic vampire anymore cause I don’t wanna do that to the people I love. It’s so hard to think about cause there are so many of them I think we both probably mistake them for the wrong entity. I think that happens a lot. Also a question: can you enter into an agreement while in a trance state? Like, and not remember agreeing? I have lots more questions


Its seems you need to work on building your energy shields up and getting a spirit traps for unwanted pests too.


Thank you.