I’m she’s fake ..or actually doesn’t know what she’s doing

This girl was throwing down tarot cards , but my budy called her out for not making any sense . And she got defensive, we laughed on seriously how bad it was . Never heard of just “the light “ when you’re doing tarots :joy:

:joy::joy::joy: you do know I have a protection so people cannot read my energy right? Might want to check on that I don’t dable in dark ever only deal with light.”

-My buddy said

“-What protection . Please explain“

Ok, but everyone was a newbie once. Including you. And everyone is doing their best with where they’re at and what they have. Why mock her for it, even if she isn’t clued up yet?


Tarot interpretation are based on the one who does it’s intuition coupled with the meanings of the cards, while some people do have passive protection, and others active (meaning some have entities protecting them or they have a natural shield while others make their own protection) I wouldn’t say she’s fake, getting defensive isn’t always a sign of being ‘fake’ but rather some take pride in their skills so much that they can feel attacked when someone does what your friend did.

However, given I do not know this woman she may be a newbie still learning but as tarot is quite is a constant learning process.


Thats like walking on set during a stage magicians performance and telling everyone how he did the trick. It’s a douche move. And card readings heavily rely on the interpretation of the reader.

Hell, i use the Daemon Tarot and my interpretation of most of the cards is nothing like the book assigns them. Yet my readings are accurate.

Or take Crowley’s Thoth deck. Half the cards don’t even have the same meaning there as traditional tarot.

Could she have been a fraud, or just new? Maybe. But it seems to me you two went out of your way just to attack someone’s practice.


I can agree with this, as someone who has done tarot professionally and interacted with the local psychic community. It is tough to put your craft out there, even professionally, as you are exposing yourself. While there are definitely traditional methods, many readers have their own interpretations or styles that they have invested quite a bit of time to develope. For example, I add a card from the bottom of the deck and the middle to the usual celtic cross as a way to look at “hidden influences”. So, she may have gotten defensive because she was putting her own hard work out there and was frustrated that it was not working well (or that she was getting crap if she viewed it that way).

Idk if she was professional or not. If she was and works with other psychics, too much bad criticism can lead to a loss of income (happened to me for not being too fluffy with my own readings). If she is not, then it is pretty much the same reaction you would get if you walked up to someone painting a picture for months and say “this looks like crap”.

This all being said, I also think it is okay to tell a reader that what they are picking up is not accurate. This is how the reader can grow. Personally, I appreciate it when people tell me that. I learn a lot more from those moments than from “you are right!” But one does have to be tactful when doing so. Not everyone can handle the boxing gloves


I actually use tarot decks that I got without the book so it really has to rely on my personal interpretation in my case lol I would argue that the reader’s interpretation is only half the reading when doing it for another. The other is the client’s.


Making fun of someone is very childish and shows your level of maturity.

No on likes getting laughed at I would have been defensive too.

That’s why alot of people who have great talent never know it. Because they were laughed and so they never tried to do it again.

Just like learning to play the flute or violin it takes practice and working at it.

You should have incouraged her to keep at it rather than laughed at her

And there is nothing wrong with seeing light in a reading. Most of my work has light in it.

Words are like weapons they wound sometimes. Think before you act or speak.


So lemme get this straight…

You and your “buddy” made fun of a girl that offered you a tarot reading and then you came here saying she got defensive, hence she could be a fake?

Let me tell you something. Even though I don’t take pride in my divination skills,if someone came up to me and called me out for “not making sense” or “not doing it RIGHT” , I’d be pretty pissed too. I’d get up and rub the cards right on their face.

Someone already called it•
You have to be a beginner before you can be a master. Could she be a fake? Absolutely, I’ve seen many of those freaks relying on techniques like cold-readings etc. But she could also be someone who is still practising , IN ORDER to become better. Did that cross your mind? The possibility that she wanted a chance to practise her craft ,not as a professional ,but as a student?

And what if she didn’t want to reveal her method? That’s her damn right. You can’t force someone to open up to you about something they don’t want to. And you can’t LAUGH at them for it either. What are you, four?

Aaaaaand. Don’t call her craft bullshit just because she can’t/doesn’t want to explain to you.


Reading the answers on this thread it seems like that girl got her well deserved revenge. :wink:


We got our fellow practisioners’ back ,but not when they’re major assholes. Forum policy.


If you want something done right, it’s best to do it yourself. Perhaps learning your way around a deck and how to read the cards and doing your own readings would be better for you and your buddy. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Served cold :wink:


Nothing I can say they have not already been said, a bit amazed at the backlash.


OP, Not really surprised at the backlash. The sheer arrogance needed to be so certain that, just because something makes no sense to you at present that it must be wrong is unfathomable. Most of the others have called you out for being a douche, I call you on your arrogance. It seemed to me like you sought validation of your actions from this community because your own inner voice was causing you to be uncertain of your chosen path of action. Well, sir/ma’am, you will find no validation here.


A bit unsure, you don’t mean me, right?
Because it sounds like you mean me.

No, I dont mean you, Starborn. In my experience, you’re good people. Is that edit more clear?

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Ah, alright, the phrasing got me perplexed. XD

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If it was a free reading then your reaction was completely uncalled for. You paying good money learn how to properly use readers for questions you have.


Hello @Saurons_RightEye ,

I’m open to different types of interpretations. I had two different readings done about two years ago by two different people. One person told me, you are going to have serious legal issues. You will be protected and okay. I was like “sure whatever”. “I never get in trouble with the law”. Well, the last year and a half, I have been battling some serious legal issues. The second person who did a reading told me. Your ex will come back. But, you have a choice between getting back with him or meeting the man with the son. I laughed it off… like “omg so cliche!” “My ex left me for another woman and I would never get back with him”. Well, 3 months ago, I was online dating and my ex saw my profile and messaged me. He tried to flirt and I shut his ass down. A day later… I met the man with the son. Lol :joy: Now I am dating a divorced man who has a wonderful relationship with his 23 year old son.

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A lot of times the answers come later.